Tiger-Cats sign Mackay, Release 3

Sorry if there were too many. . . I hope you didn't fall for any of them hook, line, and sinker. . .

Booooooooooo (throws a rotten tomato at Madjack)

Banshee- That was a creel thing to do.
If you don't like his puns then just tuna out.
Personally, I thought that Fish was a keeper. I just hope that somebody else doesn't net him and he turns out to the one that got away.

:lol: :lol:
I'll miss Fish too. That first return in Toronto showed how he could make cut after cut and make big men miss tackles. As the video blogs have pointed out, he isn't the tallest player on the team. Hope he gets on the practice roster.
Wait a minute now! Are we talking about a fish or a shrimp? A minnow? It sure looks like that 'Fish' could dart and shimmy and get away, but was he also fresh bait for the bigger fish on defence too often? Did they take him to school a lot?

But maybe it does not matter because there are a plenty more where he came from and are they bitin' too? :stuck_out_tongue:

(wow this thread even had a contribution from also a bottom-feeding "Catfish" go figure :roll: )

So I guess Iwas right eh AKT! My sources are reliable!
Ao went to camp today and Reggie was still there, him and Nicholson both have concussions!
I think they are planning to get Fish around and hope he get better, so they can resign him, he has lots of talent!

I think they where players that where signed! Try and make it to a camp sometime, and you would have seen them!
GO CATS GO!! :rockin:

There is something fishy about this transaction....

I hope they didn't release him just for "The Halibut"

Seriously, from what some have said here, he sounds like he might be a good find. Maybe they are just hiding him because of injury.

IMO Reggie Fish is the top WR find in this years rookie class.Followed by Burl Toler and then Damon McDaniel.

I say it came back to te old saying YOU CANT MAKE THE CLUB SITTING IN THE TUB . I was at the game last sunday and twice he got hit and twice he stayed down so maybe hes to small to be hit by the big boys but i did like what i say of him when he got back up on his feet after being hit but that didnt happen to often so heres hopin for bigger fish in the sea

..........wait back up.....did someone say they released Porter????

Is that true??


:lol: :lol: :lol:

Good one MJ.. I'm still laughing

Why wouldn't they release Fish he was about 70 years old when he was on Barney Miller in the 1970s'.

I find that the corny jokes are made about Cobb.

And now that Fish has been released, will he go to another team? The blew team might pick him up, thinking Lemon could go well with Fish. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I thought Fish might get released when I first heard he was injured. That was unfortunate, and I hope there is the possibility that he'll be back.

And it look like there's a good chance he will be back according to this entry on Drew's blog: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ebook.html

Head coach Marcel Bellefeuille said Fish suffered a concussion in the pre-season loss to Toronto on Sunday and will likely rejoin the team once healthy.

"He’s going to be day-today but there’s a process we have to follow before he can get back on the field," Bellefeuille said. "He was having a great camp up until then."

Well then let's wish Fish a speedy recovery such that this Fish won't rot from the head first. :stuck_out_tongue:

However I am not sure that Lemon will go well with this Fish but rather likewise might stink after three days and have to be squeezed out. :stuck_out_tongue:

And now corn humour too? Oh gosh that's going potentially and exponentially in an explosive direction. :o

Actually as Leon the Ladies Man could vouch, as well as perhaps some personal experiences for which great stories are swapped often at bachelor parties or after a whole lot of beers or a trip to Vegas and the like, there are plenty of clubs to make sitting in the tub, but I suppose you are talking only about football clubs. :slight_smile:


Tuna you say? Well Mark do you think we are getting the best tuna with this Fish or just yet another Chicken of the Sea?

Probably best just to ignore him, ockham.

If you add him to your ‘foe’ list then you don’t need to see any more of his rambling, turgid, often incomprehensible postings, and you won’t get reminded every other post or so about how he is relatively new to the CFL, or be reminded every other post or so of all the various and sundry places he’s lived in the USA.

Makes being here so much better.

Fish will now join Eric Estrada to form a new TV cop show "Fish & Chips"....(old SCTV humour).............sorry......

It's stuff like this that makes you want to throw your TV set out ot the window. :slight_smile:

Can you imagine the updeated version of that clip? With the size of TV's today you would have to hack them in two before you tossed them out the old apartment window.

P.S. If you don't know what we're talking about, that's okay. We're just old.