Tiger-Cats sign Mackay, Release 3

I heard they released Chris White and Marcus Gordon today!

I heard they released Quinton Porter yesterday.



HAM DEL IMP Marcus GORDON (OL) Kentucky State
HAM DEL IMP Chris WHITE (DL) California Poly State (San Luis Obispo)

My source was Drew Edwards so I trust that more then your link!
He is a link to Glenn Mackay's highlights!


You don't trust the official CFL site??????? They don't post anything until the paperwork is filed

The link you gave was a University of Windsor football music video. Glen MacKay???? A technical glitch ????

Re Read the post my friend, i said it was Mackays highlights. He signed with the Ti-Cats!
Go Cats Go!!!

Havent read this on this site or over at the Spec yet....

but WHITE and GORDON are showing as deleted on the CFL's transaction page.


Just one question, who the heck is Chris White and Marcus Gordon?

IMP WR Reggie Fish
IMP OL Marcus Gordon
IMP DL Chris White

All 3 Cut today
To bad I really Liked Fish
I wounder if the Hit he took had anything to do with it

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-transactions-june-15]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... ns-june-15[/url]

Might have been released because he's injured, making room for looking at another player, with plans to re-sign him when healthy, or bring him back later on the PR.

I hope so I really like the Kid

Oh that really sucks about Fish. I only heard good things about him. Hopefully he'll stick around once he's healed up.

I'll miss Fish too. That first return in Toronto showed how he could make cut after cut and make big men miss tackles.
As the video blogs have pointed out, he isn't the tallest player on the team. Hope he gets on the practice roster.

Marcus Gordon acted like Belli against Garret McIntyre at an early training camp video, didn't he?

Well the competition gets even tougher now.

Oskee wee wee

Just like Hamilton Bay the team is fished out now. :frowning:

Maybe it came down to the old question, 'either fish or cut bait'.

So I guess they chose to cut Fish and keep Bait.

Something is Fishey here folks....he will be back when healthy.

That Reggie guy was slipperier than a trout.

They cut Fish, because they didn’t think he could could catch with his fins.
I call that a new definition of ‘soft hands’ …

Holy mackerel, am I tired of all your corny fish jokes!

O.K. But, there's no need to carp about it!

Further on Fish .... the following, copied from the Ti-Cats' Training Camp Blog, seems to confirm that he'llllll be baaaaaack:

We've brought in another Canadian receiver today, Burlington native Glenn Mackay. The team also released offensive lineman Marcus Gordon, defensive lineman Chris White as well as wide receiver Reggie Fish while he recovers from an injury he suffered on Sunday against the Argonauts.

Enough with the fish jokes!! PLEASE you're killing me.