Tiger-Cats Sign Kyries Hebert

Those were my initial thoughts too.

Hebert is 30, and Floyd is 34.

Hebert is a special teams stud plus he has played for Greg Marshall in both Winnipeg and Ottawa.

Look for him to replace Ike Brown ... for now.

Drew Edwards reports from practice that he may play this week.

Their will be no change in the linebacking corp this season ... Hebert is too small to play MLB ... listed as a strong safety with the Bengals.

Regardless, this is a shrewd signing in my opinion.


Yes, that would be our man Hebert. He's a hard-hitting, mean, S.O.B. to be sure. Hopefully we won't have to witness any cheap shot stuff.

From Twitter:

#scratchingpost Drew Edwards
Bellefeuille on Hebert: “He’ll play some situational D for us and also play ST. He’s an impact guy that can help us moving forward.? #Ticats

Oski Wee Wee,


Hebert as a MLB is interesting. . . I don't recall him every playing that spot. . . and the skill sets required for a MLB are different from what is required for either a SAM or a WILL.

I always thought of Hebert as a very good player, at both safety and SAM. Comparable to Korey Banks and Sideeq Shabazz.

Doubt he'd replace Barker at safety for ratio reasons, and I'm with Banshee on SAM. . . Knowlton's a star there and I would be wary of moving him. . .

Still, as others have said, it's a nice problem for Marshall to have, finding a spot for him.


Hebert on Ticats TV :wink:

an already great defense just got deeper and better....


Good move O'bie :thup: :thup:

from watching this, i like his easy going-positive attitude so far.

also good to hear that players welcome a guy onto the team late in the year...especially so called 'foes'

hope he makes an impact friday night whether thats on defence or special teams.

eat em' raw!

Other roster moves, later in the day, today -- James Hargrave activated from the PR while Mark DeWit does the opposite -- and Samuel Fournier RELEASED from the PR.


Great signing. I think my only comment regarding his interview on Ticats TV is more for the interviewees. When they ask anyone a question...they should remember to move the microphone to their own mouth so everyone can hear the question.

Great signing!!! :thup:

I've heard through the grapevine that Obie is using this signing to cover his butt on future Free Agency issues... namely Jamall Johnson. If Johnson decides to go elsewhere during Free Agency, then this Hebert signing will cover for that.

Well, GM butt-covering is a sub-science under "Capology." :wink: Increasing depth to allow for negotiating leverage and/or inevitable departures is Jim Popp 101 as but one example. I have no issue with that.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hebert could be a big shut down guy just like Brandon Browner.

See the job Browner did on Fantuz during the last Rider/Stamp game? Fantuz was smothered and man handled.

Now, I would love to see Kyries go up against Jamall Richardson and pummel him for 60 tough, long minutes.

Excellent signing Obie!! I certainly hope JJ stays a Cat for a very long time! :cowboy:

Exactly. That's what Popp did by bringing in McElveen, so that Keron Williams's departure didn't decimate our D-line. Guzman is around for the same reason: to give us leverage on Ferri.

I believe that OC's information source was this: http://www.cfl.ca/page/transactions-october-2010

ROSTER 20-Oct-10

HAM ADD IMP James HARGRAVE (LB) Connecticut
HAM ADD IMP Kyries HEBERT (LB) Louisiana At Lafayette (SW)
HAM TFR TO INJURED IMP Isaac BROWN (LB) Central Michigan - to Thursday October 28

NON-ACTIVE 20-Oct-10

CFL Transactions Legend PRACTICE ROSTER ADD – played is added to the PR REM SGD – player is “removed signed? from the PR and is added to the 46-man roster REM UNS – player is “removed unsigned? from the PR and becomes a free agent

Anyway, I am also wondering about the possibility of one of the BC 3 not being back next season. But for now, it'll be good to see what he can do on special teams, as long as he does not take any stupid penalties, as I think he has before.

As you can see, Ike Brown won't play on Friday, so it'll be good to have Hebert take his place. And Brown has been impressive on special teams lately, hasn't he? I guess you could say that... I like Ike. :wink:

The TiCats roster page only has Ike going on the IR for recent changes. I don't know why they'd release Fournier at this point in the season. If Hargrave is being added then perhaps he's replacing Brown and Hebert is joining the Secondary.

In any event, kick returners must be thinking about having Stevie Baggs and Kyries Hebert bearing down on them.

Along with Hebert joining the 46.