I liked Bartel when he was here, and still do. But having him means having two roster spots devoted to kicking duties, a placekicker and a punter. Not sure if Austin wants to do that, it doesn't seem like it.

It shows Bartel as an International on the CFL site, but, I think you are right that he is a National


not worth 170k per season sorry

Exactly thank you! People whining about not ponying up for Medlock, who do you propose we let walk to fit that salary?
Ted Laurent?
John Chick?
Lule Tasker?
Kevin Eliott?
Zach Collaros?
Ryan Bomben?
Emanuel Davis?
Abdul Kanneh?

We dont have infinity salary cap space, and from what ive heard we've little cap space to spare.
We should be able to scout talent in the US.

Yeah, under the current rules he normally wouldn't be considered a "National", but he was "grandfathered" in. In fact, if I'm recalling correctly, the rule was changed largely because of him.

You might be singing a different tune come November :wink:

+1. Bombers HAVE Medlock. Last I checked, they didn't win the Cup last year.

Medlock was selected in the 5th round in the NFL draft. That is extremely high for a kicker. He inexplicably crashed out in all his NFL attempts as his career overall numbers between college to the NFL to CFL are at historic highs. Fact remains that he is soon to be 34 years old and has 1 all star award to his name and zero Grey Cup appearances.

I do concede that he is the best FG kicker i have ever watched and is paid accordingly!

Medlock plays in the 'Peg. Let it go guys, let it go.

Ottawa won the Cup last year and their kicker Chris Milo who kicked over 40 FGs was released and now living in Quebec City waiting for a phone call from any team.

So, you're admitting that all the crap you've been posting about how our kicking situation is so dire is just trolling?

Thanks, Captain Obvious. :roll: