The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Sunday that the football club has signed international free agent placekicker Anthony Fera.

Fera, 25, has appeared in nine CFL games over the last two seasons with the B.C. Lions (2015) and Montreal Alouettes (2016), converting 18 of his 24 field goal attempts (75.0%) and averaging 46.8 yards per punt on 52 attempts. The 6-2, 211-pound native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, played with both the Penn State Nittany Lions (2010-11) and Texas Longhorns (2012-13) throughout his four-year collegiate career, making 36-of-43 field goals (83.7%), while averaging 41.8 yards per punt on 185 attempts and pinning his opponents inside the 20-yard line on 63 occasions. During a game in 2011, Fera became the first Nittany Lion since 1975 to handle kickoffs, punts and field goals in the same game.

The Tiger-Cats also announced the following player has been released:
INT – P/K – Ryan Hawkins


Here are his CFL stats


I'm sure that Fera will be battling it out with Castillo, he won't be given the job.

From practice this morning

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 4m4 minutes ago

#Ticats kick comp update:
Castillo: 9 for 10, missed from 49, made 2 from 50+
Fera: 6 for 10, missed from 37, 45, 49, 53, made one from 50.

Fera can do better than this ^^^, he was an 80% FG kicker in 8 games last year with a high AVG YRDs per attempt

Derek Taylor @DTonSC 51m51 minutes ago
The search for a kicker continues. @Ticats sign Anthony Fera who had a positive season on 20 attempts in '16.

IMHO, A big problem with Castillo is his punting, he takes a very long time to get a punt away.

Hard to believe out of the thousands of kickers available Tillman hasn't found a gem. I am not impressed with either kicker.

If Castillo keeps anywhere near those numbers, it will be his job. Austin has a history, in Hamilton at least, of putting placekicking skills as more paramount. He was averaging around 40 yards per punt in Ottawa, which is passable, and obviously his getting the punt away speed can be coached up.

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago

Second #Ticats kicking session into the wind:
Castillo: 11 for 12, miss from 40.
Fera: 8 for 12, miss from 32, 32, 35, 45.

Fera appears to be an instant fix!
For Castillo, that is .....20 for 22 in FG attempts today .... 90.9% :thup:

8) At that rate, Fera could be leaving the same day he got here !! :oops:
   I can see new kickers arriving weekly, even  after the season  is well underway !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

Austin truly baffles and annoys me that he leaves such an important part of the game to the 11th hour to try figure out ...

I think the rationale is cap-based. The goal seems to be to find one solid kicker who can do all three jobs with a low salary cap hit. Once you've decided to go with an import at kicker, finding that guy should only be a matter of time, but it's taking longer than planned.

And really, of all positions the kicker is the one that has to adapt least of all. Also, doesn't need chemistry with the rest of the team. Just the long snapper and holder.

So this is one position you can take a bit of time with and leave to the end

All I can say is I don't want to trade for a kicker as it will surely not be from a position of strength.

Stay the course and we'll get at worst a utilitarian kicker and at best a diamond in the rough.

Pour avoir vu Fera l'an dernier, je dois avouer que les chiffres que je vois ici me surprennent. Peut-être que Fera est rouillé et qu'il lui faut un peu de temps pour s'adapter au climat particulier (venteux) de Hamilton, mais il avait laissé une bonne impression lors de son passage à Montréal l'an dernier.

Il n'avait pas la puissance de Bede, mais il a fait un travail très honnête sur tous les bottés (placements, dégagement et bottés d'envoi). Également, il est un assez bon plaqueur, ce qui n'est pas à dédaigner quand il est le dernier homme pour sauver du touché.

Tant mieux pour votre équipe si Castillo est meilleur, car je crois que Fera est meilleur que ce qu'il a montré de lui cette année.

With all the football programs in the NCAA, and other sources, I too am disappointed that we could not do better at this point.

Its really too bad the Ticats couldn't have that guy at the top of the list playing for them...oh wait...

Strangely enough when I was reading on this problem the other day, Boris Bede's name came to mind.

As I remember Bede, he had a strong enough leg, his problem was accuracy.

Needless to say, to be a successful kicker in this sport, the player needs to have both in equal measure.

Ask a kicker what its like to kick in the the donut box and see if they have to adapt least of all

Hey maybe we just found a punter...Saskatchewan just cut Josh Bartel...now it was off the injued list, but....and he's a National...

NO donut box. No. No. Bad Obrigardo, bad!

Donut hole?