Tiger-Cats sign import P Eric Wilbur

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has added import punter Eric Wilbur to the practice roster.

Wilbur, a 6-2, 200-pound native of Orlando, Florida averaged 42.9 yards per punt over four seasons at Florida. His 44.8 yards per punt average in 2003 ranks as the second-highest season total in school history. He has previously spent time with the NFL’s Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-add-punter-eric-wilbur]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-add ... ric-wilbur[/url]

Its about TIME !!!!!!!!!! :roll:

How about using him in our next game? No time to waste.

I like this, i really do. But now were going with an american punter and a canadian kicker. Unless this guy can kick field goals too?

Well here is my question answered: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7CmV3hHX6Y

He nailed a 50 yarder. I know it's different when you have a rush coming at you but at least he's kicked field goals before. Kickoffs were pretty imrpessive too. So if DeAngelis continues to struggle, we could see Wilbur handling all the kicking duties.

Nick Setta isn't look so bad now.

What ratio implications does this set up?

And which IMP do you suggest sitting out to have this guy punt? Thigpen?

One of the back-up linebackers I'm guessing.

I wonder if Sandro is still kicking punts at practice.

i havent been too upset with the punting game this year, it is definately the kicking firld goals game that has my attention

this is needed

Sounds like a good pick-up.

Was at practice today like always and saw Eric punting, this kid looks like a keeper, 60-70 yd punts at practice and he was trying field goals from the 20yds sidelines and was nailing them!
Maybe this will help Justin pick his game up knowing he has competition now!
As for people talking about Nick Setta he is trying out for NFL camps now, and has been talking to 2 different CFL teams and its not the Tiger-Cats! So I cant see him coming back to the Hammer anytime soon!


Are you on glue?

The video jordan02 found on youtube is pretty impressive, but we don't know how many punts, KO's and FG's were edited out.
The big issue is that this guy's an IMP. If he could do it all, like Setta, then O.K. for having an IMP P/K. But, I'm sure DeAngelis was paid much up front and so it's unlikely he'd be sent packing. It appears they've also given up on the all Canuck OL with the addition of Belton Johnson last week (taking the IMP roster spot of D. James) and if this kicker move was made, another IMP would have to be scratched. While they (Obie & Marcel) haven't actually said it, these actions clearly say "We screwed up with our end-of-camp choice of players and ratio planning, and so ....... we're starting over."

From what I understand, either Brown or James may be on the way out.

It seems to me that Wilbur could be more of a long-term solution to the punting problem. He may not be some short-term solution as Ito was last season. I do recall a time that we brought in an import punter during Boreham's second season here. Too bad Chuck Tack's two punts here were not good.

I understand Palardy is a rookie, and we had to be patient with him. But he did not even live up to the low standards we had for him. I'm not even sure if he may be kept on the practice roster.

I'm interesting in seeing what kind of roster move will be made to make room for Wilbur. But it would be good to see punts with better distance, better hangtime, and fewer no yards penalties, fewer blocked punts, etc.

Anybody thinking Brown is on the way out is wrong, very wrong.

Not sure if anyone has noticed but Ike Brown has got a lot of reps at linebacker this year an has played pretty well. He's our future at middle linebacker. And by future i mean he'll be starting there next year.

It would make sense that Shannon James would be released first. He was released earlier this season only to be brought back later, after all.

And I hope you’re right about Brown being good enough to be our starting MLB next year. I don’t know how much longer Floyd can keep going.

I wonder if Ryan Hinds might be part of this picture? He's the one NIP around who might replace an IMP on the roster.

Why is not surprising that those involved with talent evaluation and scouting on this team can't get it right???

Standard Operationg Procedure around here...