Tiger-Cats sign four defensive players

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed veteran import linebacker Shannon James as well as import defensive linemen Josh Gaines, Albert Smith and Chris White.


Wow.. Shannon James.. I didn't even know he was available! This guy is a great ball player! 60 tackles 1 sack last season, and at 27(in December) he still has a ton of football a head of him..

Great pick up Obie!

..and more veteran presence on the field and in the locker room.

Isn't that the guy I hated as a Stamp? :lol: :wink: Welcome to the team.

It's okay, they still have Brandon Browner :wink:

Nice job... Upgraded the 3 weaknesses this team had. Kicking, Defensive backfield and front four (to a lesser extent), combined with the experience Dylan Barker picked up last year, things are looking real good.

Browner was not as effective last year. The refs really had their eye on Calgary's DB's clutching and grabbing last year amd IMO took the edge away fron that Chris Jones defense big time.

For sure, the guy used to get away with so much though and still does and then has the nerve to think he's all that lol.
Good enough reason for me to hate him.

True. I can't stand that guy either lol. I just read up on the other guys and wish them all the best.



I wonder how Obie got James to come to down.

He probably respects Obie, and like most of the player's that signed with us in the off-season, sensed something great for the Cats in the near future.Not to mention he's probably interested in working with guys like Otis Floyd, Markeith Knowlton and DC Greg Marshall.Regardless, i'm pretty sure this guy has or can play DB and the guy's a damn fine defensive player so he has a good shot at winning a starting job in camp.

Still some nice Addtions

Do you think he's here to play half back? The Cats are already stacked at LB.

I don't know much about Shannon James so I hope this isn't a dumb question. Is he an outside linbacker? or does he play the middle?

He is an outside linebacker that has the ability to play a little half back.. Just think of him as another Markeith Knowlton.

I dont understand where he'll fit in. He's a fine player and all but he wont beat out Knowlton.

The only way i can see him being used is to replace Floyd in 2nd and long as another safety in the nickle package and being a special teams ace.

In the video Obie said that they were going to try him at defesnive half back, a position in which i'm sure he'll succeed.He's also a great ST guy.

woh, didnt even know he was on the market, hes a playmaker. surprised his name hasnt been brought up sooner this offseason.. def a good pickup for you guys.

I was shocked when I read it too lol.I don't remember the Stumps releasing him.Thrilled to have him, he did some damage against us last year, heard his name alot.Good to have more veteran prescence also.