Tiger-Cats sign Chris Leak

Not me.
He will be here.

IMO he will be #2 by seasons end and groomed to eventually be the replacement for Casey.
I think that the Ticat brass is not too impressed with our #2 string QB Williams(or Chang for that matter)

Leak is scary talented and custom made for the CFL game!!!
I wonder if this was the player from the neg list that they just obtained??

I would not count Porter or Williams out just yet. But Chang is done

Chang isnt done. what he did at hawaii isnt a fluke. those 2 games against toronto were his first 2 starts in this league. but people are acting like it was more like 2 seasons. and he was playing on the worst team in the league.

we cut him and he'll be on a plane to saskatchewan or winnipeg within a day. where within a few years he may be a star QB

He play in non Balanced offence at Hawaii
This CFL you have to have Some kind of Balance.
Also Have been to camp Porter is blowing him out the water. what do think Leak will do ...

I think leak will be another shaun king experince i hate to say it.

I think that the Ticat brass is not too impressed with our #2 string QB Williams
you are kidding, right??

Leaking is using Danny old #14..

I am also a fan of williams. I see no reason why he should drop down the depth chart. The #2 guy stepped in and produced when called upon. I dont see why this wouldnt impress management.

I’m all for bringing in more QBs, but I’m worried by the fact that this kid wasn’t playing football last year. He got cut by the Bears before the NFL season started and he didn’t get picked up by any team in any league.

So what’s he been doing for the past year? Where was his agent in all this? Shouldn’t he have tried to get him a job in the CFL last year? Did CFL teams pass on him last year? Is he still in shape? These are some of the questions I have about this kid. I guess time will tell.

But I do remember him at Florida and he was pretty good there in Urban Meyer’s spread offence.

He Been Ti cats Nig List for a few Years.
But He Wanted to play State side
He Signed with AAFL In Florida but The League Folded before playing one game.
so He had to go CFL and Since we hold his CFL Rights he had to sign with us.

So what's he been doing for the past year
maybe he was stocking shelves

Regardless of who gets cut, this signing shows me that the TiCats are an attractive team to top NCAA talent.

Someone on another post mentioned this is the way Wally Buono does things in B.C. - pursues the best athlete for the job.

Who would have thought that Pierce and Jackson would have developed as quickly as they did - must have something to do with skill and ability.

What team did O’Billovich help stock again?

Bye Bye Chang! the writing is on the wall! I Kinda liked the box J boys Hula shirts!!!!

With all the new receivers trying out we need 5 good arms in camp! :thup:

Chris Leak attended the Kansas City Chiefs' rookie mini-camp four weeks ago. Here is an excerpt from a Q and A session with Chiefs' head coach Herm Edwards posted on the team website on May 2/08:

"Q: What about quarterback Chris Leak [Florida]?

EDWARDS: “He’s a good football player. You can tell he has been in a situation like this. We have four or five guys who practiced for us last year. Their anxiety level is probably not as high. Chris is a very talented kid and always keeps his composure. He did a good job throwing the ball and it’s tough. You don’t know these receivers and you’re trying to throw the ball to guys you don’t even know.?

Q: Could you see him coming to camp as maybe that fourth quarterback?

EDWARDS: “Well, I think that’s a decision you have to make. Right now we have four and you would not want to take more than four to camp. You’d have to cut a guy.?

Great news! The third string QB race got a lot more interesting. Leak definitely has the attributes to develop into a CFL QB -- running Meyer's offense in Florida is no picnic and that gives me confidence that on the cerebral side he's capable of learning intricate systems.

He will have to adjust to the vagaries of the Canadian game, particularly the game speed as it pertains to coverages. He's going to be somewhat raw, but with his pedigree, it's definitely worth a look. Depth at QB is vital in the Canadian game and you want the clipboard guy to be evolving into a potential starter in the medium term. Many pivots (including Danny Mac) paid their dues in that kind of scenario before getting their break and running with it.

Chuck Ealey's experience is probably the closest thing to a leadpipe cinch out of the blocks the Cats have had (lights-out college career right into rookie stardom)...Zuger's smash debut at QB was after coming up here as a DB, so Leak might be able to accomplish a similar splash as Chuck with the right timing, guile, and luck.

Regardless. if camp works out well for him, he's in a good place behind Casey and Richie at a minumum to get acclimatized to Canadian ball. Best of luck to him!

Oski Wee Wee,

Remember that the QB position was a lot less complicated back in the Ealey and Zuger days :slight_smile:

Not to be a nit pick but the TOP talent from the NCAA plays in the NFL. :slight_smile:

Let's see...

"Skill, Ability, developed"...all in the same paragraph...

along with Wally Buono in the same post...

AND...this same post in a thread that mentions that Hamilton now has 5 QB's in camp.

Hmmmm...some say Timmy Chang is on the way out???

Maybe O'bie is lining up his ducks for a trade that could see Timmy Go West...FAR WEST???

Hmmmm...who could BC have that might like to join Casey out East??? Just Asking!!! :wink:

Granted, on most counts.

The big change has been the virtually universal adoption of zone defences at the pro level, ushered in most notably by the Don Shula-led Baltimore Colts in the old NFL of the sixties. In the old days, there was man-to-man as the rule and your margin for error depended your arm strength, on accuracy, on the separation the receiver could get, and the quality of the route run by the pass catcher.

In a certain sense, it is easier to hit holes in zones on a regular basis than get shut down by a Ralph Goldston or a Don Sutherin all day long on the hip of a receiver -- with Henley bearing down over the top! LOL

Oski Wee Wee,