Tiger-Cats Show 900 CHML ..Today

Just noticed - one of the guests today is Mark Bowden, ticats.ca's very own Schecky, and the Tiger Cats' Vice-President of Corporate Partnerships.

Got a beef about the concessions - or the price of beer? .... now's your chance to "air it out".

Join in/ Call in - why not? (saves on the e-mails), today at 12:05 p.m. - with Ted Michaels, on AM 900 CHML - or listen live at: www.900chml.com The Tiger-Cats Show.

(lots of other stuff and guests on the show too - once again - it should be a good one!)

Not the famous Mark Bowden of this band here is it?.... :lol:


next segment: marketing CFL players...should be very interesting.

last nite, i was talkin to a friend of mine, who doesnt follow CFL... and when i told him im goin to the ti-cats home opener, he said : they are gonna be alot better this year, they got corey holmes now, and he should dominate...

i found it odd, someone who doesnt follow CFL, is now interested and knows who corey holmes is.

he was tellin me to get him a ticket next game i can make it to.

ya its crazy so many people i no who dont follow the cfl or the ticats know we are going to be amazing this year. Im in high school and almost everyone of my friends askeed me if i had extra tickets to fridays game.

I missed the show can I get a Recap ?

Any chance we'll be able to get podcasts of the show? :slight_smile: