Tiger-Cats should sell shorts

They have a lot of things in their store--more hats that one could ever want. Yet, with summer coming, I can't help but think they should sell black and gold shorts for people of different ages. Does anyone agree with this?

a new pair of ticat cotton track pants. Last pair I was able to buy was 15 years ago.

Hey all...

Drew here..and I must say, I really hope the Merchandise people FINALLY listen to their customers and start bringing in more popular items. Since it was I that managed the stores with Sports Obsession (2004-2006) and Ticats briefly jan-mar 2007, I must say, listen to what the fans want and not what YOU think you can sell. Shorts were a popular requested item. I have always passed along requests to "the powers that be" so dont stop telling your sales people what you would like to see. I am sure the new store will be a great success and the new sales team will be great. I really enjoyed being apart of the Ticats and miss it very much....

Since I have seen what the new line will be this year (helped in ordering) I can say this year will have alot of great looking Ticat Fans....I may be in Japan now... but will always BLEED BLACK AND GOLD..

Goodluck to Greg Dunnett and his sales team !!!!

I just hope I can get the games over here.... how do I go about it?... someone PM please


Good suggestion, Drew.

If 'the powers that be' follow up by ordering
some of the items fans ask for here on ticats.ca

maybe there will be some Tiger Cat scarves
for sale in time for next Christmas season.

As you know, I buy a lot of Tiger Cat merchandise

and I have suggested to you that the store
should sell Tiger Cat scarves for years.


All the best to you and your family in Japan, Drew.

Good luck in whatever venture you are involved in.

I know a lot of Ticat fans will be missing you
and your good service at the Ticat stores.

I've gotten a lot of use out of my Reebok Parka! It's the warmest coat I own and it's great at repelling water... the Cats sold 'em a few years ago with the old logos but I haven't seen them since. I'd love to see them come back with the new logo!
Maybe we can even be playing a few games when the weather gets cold enough to wear them!

Count me IN for SHORTS !!

Especially if they are made like a HIKING short, with some useful pockets and belt loops.


basketball style shorts with a small ticat logo on the left knee

Check this out for ladies wear ...NFL style.

[url=http://www.fansedge.com/Browse.aspx?nav=||||||1|||3_2:6_2:2_1003,3_2:9_2:10_1:11_119|1|1|18||]http://www.fansedge.com/Browse.aspx?nav ... 9|1|1|18||[/url]

haha well you wouldn't expect sports obsession to cater to what people would want..talking to their reps at past cats games was like talking to a wall

I don't think Sports Obsession will be carrying Ti-Cat merchandise any longer.

SO should change thier name to NFL obsession...thats really what they are.

Shorts are a good idea. And I'd sure as heck buy one of these in Ticats colours/logos (check the "Original Buff Demo" video). They're great as Bandanas, headbands, and on and on....


yeh id buy sdome shorts.. but as long as they wornt pure yellow, all black with like coupl eyellow stripes,. maby some white too. if there all yellow count me out lol

I don't think that we should be comparing available NFL women's clothing with CFL, simply because of the massive difference in following. Sure it would be great for all kinds of items, I can think of tons of great things to have with ticat logos on them. But companys like Reebok have to make these items available, for them to be available to us. As much as many people on here are against sports obsession, there was definitely improved quantity of stuff available for us to buy. I liked being able to buy tickets at limeridge mall as well.

how's comparing???

Do American women follow football differently?
I don't see your point.

I think he means more women follow football in the States than in Canada.

then don’t stock as many tanks.
What’s the problem?

Some women who watch football might be good looking and would rather not be seen in a hoodie or a oversized sweatshirt.
Get some great looking chick wear that I know my wife will WAN’T to wear all year , not just at IWS on a Saturday afternoon.

I'm with Meanie (did I just say that?) A good bucket hat would be appreciated too (in case of rain - but that never happens on Game Day).

i think bucket hats were last in style when Coris Irvin was last seen lacing up for the black and gold

I would love shorts, ones that go just above the knees that also have deep pockets for wallet and such. Maybe even a zipper pocket so you don't have to worry about pick pockets. Not just gold either, i would love to have white and black ones as well.