Tiger-Cats Set Practice Roster

Players joining the Ticats practice roster include:

NIP LB Jonathan Hood
NIP WR Glenn MacKay
MIP DB Martin Manson
NIP OL Matt Morencie
IMP DL Albert Smith
NIP DL Eddie Steele
IMP DL Jason Vega

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-set-practice-roster]http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... ice-roster[/url]

Go Fish.

I'm not surprised to see any of those names on that list.

But I am surprised to not see the name of Reggie Fish on it. Good luck to him, and all the other players who did not make the team, in the future.

I'm relieved to see the names there. We have much needed depth on both lines. MacKay is a spark plug.

As for Fish, no disrespect but the guy is 5'7". Danny Mac in his prime would have a hard time hitting that target. Hopefully Manson can play DB if called upon so if only one spot is available it was best to catch and release.

I agree with Ockham. Sorry about Fish, but the other guys on that list should definitely be there.

Drew Edwards reported that after Fish was re-signed he was again showing concussion symptoms. Also that we may see him again when 100% recovered.

Height has nothing to do with talent. Have you forgotten about Pinball and Gizmo? Both only 5'6". Darrell Greene was one of the best corners ever in the NFL and only 5'8".

If Fish's height was an issue then he would have never been signed in the first place. I normally enjoy the unique angle your posts have but on that one you're just not using your head.

This might be a bit off topic... but I noticed that the Ticats listed Jimenez on the injured list... but not the 9 game injury list. Is that true? Has something changed? or is it an oversight? Anyone hear anything?

How does the PR work?

Can another team pick off any of these players at anytime?

......reason why I am asking, can we pick uff the Argo Player that was just added...he looks good???

I would also like to know if it's true that Fournier has another year of CIS eligibility left and will be returning to Laval this year.

I said before that I expected Manson, MacKay, and Vega to at least be one the PR. And it also makes sense to at least keep Morencie there if we're going with an all-Canadian offensive line. Summers seemed to do well on returns, and he can at least be kept as a backup RB, unlike Manson. And if we had one fewer NI receiver on the team, we likely would not have heard about the release of MacKay yesterday.

I see. So Fish could be brought in yet again after being released again. It's like he's the Billy Martin of this team.

But yes, I understand he would have been used on returns, so lack of height would not matter much.

I see him on the 9-game injured list here: http://ticats.ca/roster/index/team/6

Guess the Cats didnt have a big enough hook to real in the Fish!

Yes you can grab guys off another teams PR. The main stipulation is that they must go directly to your active roster for at least 1 game.

I can see a lot of these guys getting a lot of playing time. looks like a nice team :thup:

I may be wrong (again!) but I believe that rule was changed a few seasons ago and now another team must make a written request for access to a PR player. The team, who he's with, then has 7 days to sign him to their 46-man roster or release him to the requesting team. If the player does go to the requesting team, he must be on its 46-man roster for their next 2 games.

The Practice Roster works like this ..

Let say LB Jonathan Hood on our Roster and Argos wanted him
They Go threw the league and put a Claim on him
The league then Contacts us Then.
We then have 24 hours to add him Active roster or let the Argos have him
The Argos must put right on the Active Roster or the Clam is invalid..

I asked Obie how it worked last year.

Interesting note posted to Drew's blog:

The team also moved Canadian offensive lineman Cody Husband to the suspended list, meaning he'll likely head back to the University of British Columbia for his senior season. By suspending him, the Cats retain his rights next year.

The team still has 47 names on its active roster – one more than the league-mandated limit – because of Thursday's trade for offensive lineman Brian Ramsay.

The team will have to make a roster move by Monday to accommodate him.

So Husband returns to UBC, as I thought he would. Duane Forde said that the undrafted Husband "struggled at E-Camp but has size and decent feet, neither of which can be taught" before the draft here: http://tsn.ca/cfl/feature/?id=22604

And nothing was said about Fournier being put on a suspended list. I thought that was what might have been done with him after seeing he was not listed on the PR.

Interesting how we may be keeping a player we did not draft, but may not be keeping the first player we drafted this year.

Suspending Husband also accomplishes the move that had to made to accomodate Ramsay within the 46 man limit.

I think that's correct. I see 47 players on the active roster, with Husband still on it: http://ticats.ca/roster/index/team/6

And so it seems Drew made a mistake when he said the team would have to make a roster move to accommodate Ramsay. Because if Husband is taken off the roster, then there will be 46 players on the active roster, including Ramsay, meaning that there would be no need to make such a roster move.

Fish is a smaller sized guy. And got injured from the hits he would have to take. Gizmo and Pinball survived same.

The smaller guy delimna...can you get up off the carpet and play yje next series...or not? If its "not", its awfully hard to stay around. Mind, if he gets healthy, and any American player faulters, we may well see him back. I like the way he plays...