Tiger cats/Roughriders

Apparently everyone at the Sports Bar enjoyed the two CFL games on ESPN Sunday. These same people and the Bar Manager want me to hook up my laptop to two TVs this Sunday so they can watch the CFL game on ESPN3 along with the NFL games.
Is this going to be a good game and who is favored?

the way hamilton imploded sunday, i'd say odds are in the stupid green rider's favour. Especially if the SSK Defence stops the luke tasker show, Collaros has a tendency to forget he has 4 other receivers to throw to.

Will it be a good game? I'm certain TSN will tell you 200x's over the 3 hour broadcast how great it is, because Saskachewan is playing

Appreciate the reply, as far as TSN, I don't listen to these guys I want to hear from the fans who really know what is going on with the teams.

Has potential. Durant looks to be out and the Riders relied heavily on their run game after he left. Hamilton has had a good defense against the run, although they have had fewer attempts against than almost every other team. Hard to say if their offense is back on track since they were playing the Als last week.

Bottom line; Riders have no experience at back-up QB and I doubt Durant will play, in which case he should be a close game. If Durant plays, even at 50%, I think he would shred the Ti-Cat D.

dcmoses wrote: If Durant plays, even at 50%, I think he would shred the Ti-Cat D
In your opinion. I can understand why some people hate the Riders even though I assume you are a Cats fan dcmoses. Sure, our d was bad in the 2nd half agains't the Als but Durant at 50 percent, not good enough.

It has potential to be a low scoring affair in my opinion with a Hamilton team that hasn't hit their stride yet and Saskatchewan playing a QB making his first CFL start.

I think dcmoses is a Bomber fan, I think he lost an avatar bet of sorts.

dcmoses is an Argo fan in personal exile until Barker is excised from the team. No better way to protest than to take the avatar of my natural hated rival.

Earl, if the Ti-Cats D plays as bad against the Riders as they appear to against the Als then yes, a 50% Durant would shred their defense. They need to get back to what they have been doing well this season and that’s stop the run. With Durant out and the Riders one of the best rushing teams in the league they are going to rely heavily on the run this weekend much like they did against the Bombers after Durant went down. Cats D against the run has been one of the best in the league in all rushing categories and if they get back to that they could beat a Durantless team this weekend.

Hey Challenger, first off I want to thank you for continued promotion of the Canadian Football League south of the border. It truly is a unique game compared to the NFL, but at the end of the day is still football.

My take on the game this weekend between Hamilton and Saskatchewan is as follows:
Saskatchewan QB Tino Sunseri (played College ball for Pittsburgh) is making his first CFL Start. SSK, has the best run offence in the league at 150 rush yards per game. They also have the worst pass offence in the league at 194 pass yards per game. SSK is about balance in their offence. Rush plays generally equal pass plays. They have one of the top oline's in the league, and have been grinding teams down in the Fourth Qtr. Expect SSK to rush, rush, and rush some more.

Hamilton QB Zach Collaros (played for University of Cincinatti) is coming off injury at start of season and is playing his third start in a row. Last season, he showed good promise in 7 games as a starting QB in Toronto, after their starter was hurt. In the offseason, the TiCats signed Collaros as a free agent, and he is being mentored by Kent Austin (Ole Miss). Collaros is considered one the future up and coming QB's in the league, but in reality, it's only his 11th or 12th start. Although Hamilton's record is 2 - 7, they have good promise, and have lost some close games this season. Hamilton under Kent Austin, is more of a pass orientated team. They are 2nd in the league in pass and 6th in the league in run.

On Defence, the Riders are ranked first in the league in sacks, and second fewest allowed. Hamilton is last in sacks for and 2nd worst in sacks against. Riders on a seven game win streak, but are banged up with injuries. Hamilton looked to turn to the corner a few weeks back with an emotional win in the first game at their new stadium, but took a step back last week with a loss to Montreal (who does play well at home).

IMO, the keys to the game in this is the battle of the trenches.. OLine vs Dline on both sides. Whichever team dominates the Line of Scrimmage has the best chance. The final key is the inexperience at QB on both sides. If Hamilton can stop the run, they likely win. If Hamilton can't stop the run, they likely lose. I would say odds favor SSK in line play, but would favor Hamilton in QB play. And can't forget the fact that Hamilton always plays well in front of their hometown fans... I'm thinking it will be a close game and could go either way...

A sports bar that doesn't have access to ESPN3?

Why do you have to hook up your laptop to their TVs to watch the game?

ESPN3 is online only.

I really appreciate the info, comments and questions. I am currently in my office in DC and have a 9:30 meeting on the Hill. When I return to my office this afternoon I believe it only right that I provide you some info on me, comments on the CFL in the US and probably more questions.
Until then have a great day!

Because the game is NOT televised and it's only available through on-line streaming on ESPN3 - and he wants other people in the bar to see the game. ESPN3 is not a television channel

The next televised ESPN games in not until 21 Sept

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