Tiger Cats @ Roughriders

Why is that?

Butal call refs. They might was well put riders jersey on.

I think you hit the nail on the head

why can’t these 2 teams put a decent game of football together?

The weather seems to be the dominating factor in this game

I’d say not calling punt returners down when they’ve been tackled is pretty helpful for the Riders.

is it almost half time? I’m trying to follow from work on the cfl.ca play-by-play thing.

I must say, no team in the CFL can more consistantly go 2 and out like the Ti-Cats.

May not be a good game but anyone can win.

Work??? on a Sunday?

As has been the case through all four weeks thus far…Another exciting game is unfolding!!

Too bad Kanga’s not here…he missed his Rugby play!

Fantastic INT return for the Riders !!!

With the win tonight…I…“The oily American” will go 4-0 in “The Virtual Grey Cup Challenge”



No need to be rude! Not our fault you didn’t sse the game. score was Sasskatchewan,32 Hamilton,13

who’s the moron?.. you’re the one too lazy to look on the site for it… grow up… and learn to do things for yourself… it’s not too hard to go to the play by play that the league provides to get the final score…so quit being a lazy 'tard… go find out yourself and save your name calling for the next time you look into a mirror


This truly was a team loss for the Tiger Cats. Well except for McManus. Suitor did a great job of removing all resposibility off McManus. Our defence was the only bright point of our season, but they were horrible tackling. I’m just glad the free TD down that was a special present from the officials never ended up being the difference.

Sorry to say this ti-cat fans, it was only a matter of time as clearly Sask. is the better all-round team. Hamilton is in trouble I’m afraid this year!!! I think they will finish in the basement of the east because Ottawa looks better. It is still early but it does not look good. No running Troy Davis - what is up Hamilton coaching staff. He is very good.