Tiger Cats @ Roughriders

We will not go 0-3. Ti-Cats will win this game. The CFL will finally see that the Roughriders are not as good as everyone thinks. The Riders may get out of the gates early, but will choke like always. We better see lots of Davis, and Yeast will amaze!

I agree Ti-Cats will win this one.

Your my new best friend! lol

I picked the riders in the pool, but I won't be too upset if Hamilton wins this one.

I love rainy days. Anything can happen!

And what's the deal with the cameraman?

Look at Yeast makin' things happen.


There's no way Hamtown wins this game in Riderland.

Grampah McAnus will throw more interceptions then receptions... and they don't know how to run the ball...

With rain, wind and bad weather... Riders can mail this one in!

Hey MM where are you at? Are you watching the game? We couldnt get to the game today so we are stuck at home trying to listen to it on the radio (which really sucks) The friggin game is blacked out ,I hate this province LOL but love the riders.

Hamilton looks lively today could be a win

It's the middle of summer there right? Looks like fall.

It almost seems the Tabbies stole a page from the Riders game book. Nice little 5 yard passes. I'm not that keen on safe, but considering our year so far, I'll take whatever works.

It looks like fall cause it's been cloudy and raining all day,but ya its summer.LOL

OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Could this be "Razzle Dazzle's" break out game?

Okay looks better spotted a couple of people in a coat and shorts…lol

Sweet McCallum's in. Put the single on the board

Good drive Riders. You can thank our crappy tackling for those 3 points. Hey Hitch, can you say "over pursuit"

I had my fingers and toes crossed and was praying that McCallum would make the field goal .Thank god he did lol.

This games {not enjoyable}.

(No profanity please... edited bt CFLpm.)