Tiger-Cats Release Four Players

The cfl.ca website reports that the Tiger-Cats have released fullback Gilles Lezi, who had just been moved off the injured list, and defensive end Shawn Mayne, kicker Jonathan Ruffin and defensive end Claude Sanders, all of whom were on the development roster.

kicker Jonathan Ruffin was not at Stadium

Wasn't Mayne highly rated in the draft? :cowboy:

Guess we're stuck with the Boreham and Fleming show. Ronnie didn't take very long...

Those 4 guys weren't the problem.

Yeah.....OK, but they're not the solution either. If you can't help fix the problem, you're gone, no sense keeping them around.

There'll be more with them if they don't play up to par. :cowboy:

Maybe making room on the roster for new players?

That's what I'm hoping...


That's all it is. If they aren't going to play or push anyone for a spot might as well let them walk and free up room for players who will.

Good Move! And that's just for openers.

creative offence....

might help...

Has anyone heard whether Pascal Cheron will be added for this game. Otherwise we are a little short on the O-line.

Re: Pascal Cheron,

I heard today he’s very close to coming back. Whether it’s Friday or not, I’m not sure. You can bet, when he does, he’ll be starting. :cowboy:

why would cheron be starting??? i’m more annoyed that Powell isn’t back yet, i heard he had a great camp, and a few BC fans seemed to think he’d be a great addition to our line… (said he wasn’t cut for talent reasons, etc)

Cheron would NOT be starting until he got some more game time to get his conditioning and timing back. Coming back from mono is no small thing.

coming back from being a crappy player ona crappy ottawa line is no small thing either.

From the reps he was getting in practice it appears that Pascal is ready
to rotate in for as much time as his energy and fitness will allow.

He started for Coach KK in Ottawa last year.

Apparently he learned a lot from him and really improved.
I would love to see him start when he is ready.

Pascal is an above average lineman, and if healthy will see a lot of playing time. I was a little surprised to see Lezzi cut. Aidoo made the boneheaded play of the year on the punt block against Montreal. He's running out of chances.