Tiger-Cats Release DeAngelis, Hargrave

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has released non-import kicker Sandro DeAngelis and import linebacker James Hargrave.

For more info: http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-rel ... s-hargrave

Not unexpected in either case. I wish both players well in their future endeavours.

Oski Wee Wee,


I figured the DeAngelis move would occur, Obie and Marcel kept saying they would bring him to camp and let him compete for a starting job, hoping a team would trade for him (I assume). No one bit so they have no choice but to release him.

Hmmm...I'm a little surprised, but not too much, at DeAngelis' release.

Thought he'd be given a chance this year to get over his funk when you consider his 2009 season. But, "what have you done for me lately" is what it's all about.

Anyone know the comparison between his performances in the first 8 games vs. the last 8 games?

Is it just me, or does that make sense to anyone?

How could it be that no one bit during his training camp competition if camp hasn't even opened yet? :?

Sandro was one of my top 5 players on this team last year, not nessescary because of his preformance, but because he always took the time to chat with me, on and off the field! :thup:
This was a blow to me personally, I always said every Pro has a bad season, its a SHAME this club didnt give him a chance to redeam himself! :thdn:
I will miss the talks we had Sandro, :cry: take care and we will stay in touch!

When they made the trade for Medlock, the plan soon afterward was likely to trade DeAngelis. However nobody will trade for a guy they know you're going to release. So in hopes of trading him, they tried to convince people that DeAngelis will have an opportunity to earn the starting job at training camp, when really they had no intentions of doing so. Still, nobody bit so what other choice do you have than to release him.

Does that make sense?

I don't even know if this is what happened, it's just my theory.

I was so pumped at the beginning of last season because we had the best kicker in the CFL, but the way he started the season and continued throughout the season was a real disappointment.

So I can say I wasn't surprised we let him go, he is a very nice guy but football is a business and when your GM's motto is "Better is better" you knew he was out the door with the way he played last season coupled with the acquisition of Justin Medlock who played really well for the blue team..

Sad to see such a nice guy go but I seen it coming a long time ago..

The only surprise is that it took this long to release him. DeAngelis was essentailly finished here the day they signed Medlock .

Re-structuring DeAngelis' contract after he agrees to a pay cut, telling him after the Medlock trade that he would be given a shot to win the job and then releasing him this close to TC when it will be more difficult to catch on with another team. I don't really like the way the Ticats went about this (and I would feel the same way if it were the Bombers or any other team).

That or Deangelis realized the pointlessness of trying out for job he can only do half of and asked for his release. Writing was on the wall months ago.
After Palardy failed at punting they needed someone who could punt and placekick
Sandro cannot and team shouldnt have to split duties with an import if they can get one to do both.
End of story.

The writing was on Wall and Both Parties agree it was for best Most likley

I am sorry it went so bad for him

As of today, since the the end of the Ti-Cats 2010 season, The Cats' situation is the same as if last November they'd offered the other teams this deal:

We'll give you DeAndra Cobb, Alexandre Gauthier, Otis Floyd, Sandro DeAngelis, Chris Bauman, Kyries Hebert,
A.J. Harris, Adam Tafralis, Shannon James, Will Heyward, James Hargraves and Willie Thornton ...... or any number of them you choose ..... for anything you choose to give us.

And, in return, from that offer they got nothing, not even a "desperate round" draft pick.

(Note: All players named have bee released outright)

I can't see DeAngelis asking to be released now - maybe at the time of the Medlock trade but not now. I can't really think of any team that would be looking to add a kicker to their TC roster at this time.

The should keep few neg list for Ottawa Expantion

Just Think Sandro was a ticats for McHappy Day this year
if the knew they where going cut why ask him to rep the club at the Event
It’s Disrespectful to him :thdn:

I was thinking the exact same thing, rather unfortunate.

Just saw the CHCH news Coach B said cause NFL Lock out there players
There are players who getting ansi to play ball in the USA.
so they may get sign someone who may not have been ready to go to the CFL before

so they Decided to Cut Sandro
Still Classless the NFL Lockout been on for Months..
Even Before we made the trade for Medlock.

(Ding, ding, ding!) Now the light goes on over my head.

Yes, that makes perfect sense. Thanks for elaborating!

I don't even know if this is what happened, it's just my theory.
Sounds plausible to me.

They'll be OK with Medlock. Probably also frees up some $$ for the team to pursue more players.

Good move.