Tiger-Cats Release 10

so far only Toronto and Montreal have pubished the 1st round of cuts
I started a thread for it

I heard some good things about Toler and D. McDaniel. But it’s not as easy for rookie receivers to make this team as we already have some good ones. I’m also wondering about the possibility of Fish being brought back, because I recall Drew saying that that possibility was there.

I agree with everything said in what I quoted here, except that it might be too soon to compare the undrafted MacKay to Stala. But then again, Stala was one of the last players picked in the 2003 draft. And MacKay really seemed to want to make the team. Had to like that.

Calhoun may have disappointed, and it looks like Hamilton will be the 3rd string RB. That surprises me a little, as I understand he was not that impressive in preseason game 1, and did not play at all in the second preseason game. But I suppose injuries that Calhoun took are the reason for his release. I was afraid that might happen.

Matt Sheridan retired in Calgary.Anyone else thinking Carlson traded to Calgary?


Who cares lol?
Soon enough it's going to come down to releasing him or keeping him when we don't need him and tossing somebody that we could use a hell of alot more than Carlson.
If I had to choose though, i'd say 2nd or 3rd rounder in 2011, proven DB or proven WR or maybe even a half decent DL.

I'm just glad you didn't say Punter.

With the Jimenez injury, Carlson is probably going to be around longer, for depth purposes at worst. We'll see what happens after that.

kid cant be making a whole lot. you can never have enough canadian oline depth in my opinion, id think theyl hang onto him for depth.. maybe he is just developing slower... doesnt mean he wont be good some day, unless someone offers a decent pick, or a proven vet (which right now is prob unlikely) i say theyl hang onto him

calagry seems to have found a few guys on the oline, and are happy with the way theyve progressed, they however would be the most liekyl team to offer up something for carlson

Pretty much what i'm thinking.I wouldn't mind hanging onto him but i'd like to unload him that much more.I'd be happy with a depth for depth trade, but a N/I OL that was top 3 in last years draft and 1 year of TC/practice exp. has to be worth more than that.

You sound eager to rid of the guy. Why?

thats just it 15... hes prob worth more to you right now then what he could actually bring in, in a trade.... he may develope into a solid starter still, and was a high pick... right now he wouldnt be worth more than a 4th rounder to most teams as of right now, and even tho he hasnt been great in your camp, im sure he has more value than a fourth rounder, the worst thing to happen would be to unload him for a low pick, and have carlson turn out to be a key contributor elsewhere

but i do agree that if someone will give u a good depth player at a position you may be in need of than maybe a trade isnt a bad idea... you guys can have donnely if you want? lol :lol:

I wanted thank All The Player who Tried out for The 2010 Ticats Team
For those who did not make it You can be proud of your Efforts
as we are of you.
This was Toughest camp in Years
so the Fact you made this far you leave Hamilton Proud.

For Those who did Make it Welcome to Our Jungle
Your a Ticat For life now and your Family
We may Not agree from Time to Time
we may call you out if not pulling your Weight.
All Family have miss understandings and Disagreements

No matter what We are Proud of anyone who dawns the Black and Gold
Who goes into battle for Tigertown.
You are our Gridiron Warriors
Thank you for putting your Bodies on the line for us Fans.
Threw Broken Bones Sprains The Sweat and Pain
We are With you
As a Family we can not be stopped
Now on to the Grey Cup.
Championship Mode Guys Lets Bring it Home

Mackay rrrrreally impressed me too! He was a ball hawk to say the least! But I really don't like cuts. This year we'll be cutting people that could easily start for other teams... tons of depth!

Unneeded depth.If we can trade from a position where we're overly deep to strengthen a position that you can't quite say the same for why not do it?
I'd love to have another good WR, RB, DB or DL instead of Carlson.

we may need him Now with the Injury to injury to right tackle Jason Jimenez
He could be out a few weeks Right now they saying it day to day with Knee Injury


Anyone know how Shannon James played...not well enough it seems.

Is this the same Shannon James who was with the Stamps last year? IF it is…maybe that is why Calgary was quick to move him out.

Yes it is and good observation.