Tiger-Cats Release 10

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the following players have been released:

IMP OL Cody Balogh
IMP RB Brian Calhoun
IMP WR Amarri Jackson
IMP DB LaRoche Jackson
IMP LB Shannon James
IMP WR Damon McDaniel
IMP WR Burl Toler
NIP WR Scott Valberg
IMP DB Rodney Van
IMP LB Marlon Williams


No surprises.

More cuts will be made on Thursday afternoon when the team must meet the CFL roster limit of 46, excluding the practice roster (seven) and injured players.

I actually thought LaRoche Jackson played well. I hate cuts.

i was hoping Little McDaniel would stick around. Hopefully they can keep him on the practice roster.

I wouldn't be surprised if that was it for cuts, they'll hide some guys on the injured list.

Calhoon I guess two knee operations take its tole on you. A Jackson you can't make the club in the tube. Poor Valberg was released twice, Ouch. :frowning:

Re: Banshee.
Agreed. Jackson is a minor surprise as he was kept on the roster since the end of last year. He had showed something to keep them that interested. He either regressed or the talent the scouts are bringing in surpassed him. Which is a good sign of course.

James, to a lesser extent, also a notable cut.

Amari was signed because he is 6'5 no other reason.

I too was hoping the younger McDaniel would stick with us.. I really hope he is added to the practice roster. Also I thought LaRoche Jackson played really well against Winnipeg..

As for Scott Valberg, I think he has Glenn MacKay to thank for his release.. Mackay was an absolute beast out there Sunday! I think OBIE found a real good Canadian receiver.. He reminds me of a younger faster Dave Stala.

I think even without MacKay, Valberg would be out of here. 2 drops and a fumble is no way to make a roster.

That is very true.. I think I was just looking for a way into talking about how good MacKay played yesderday LOL

Eddie Steele and Albert Smith played on the DLine together and looked good for a couple of young new guys. :thup: Hope they stick.

Disappointed about A Jackson was expecting more out of him.

Matt Morencie OL looked solid in the middle, great addition. :thup:

what happened with calhoun in camp? seemed like a hot prospect coming in

Based on what a lot of fans have said he didn't have a very good camp or performance in the pre-season. Looks very much like it will be 1. Cobb and 2. Summers. Not sure who 3 will be. Maybe Hamilton (the player) to develop Canadian depth.

Summer was KIck Returner and Had Good Preseason

that was the Diffrence

He'll get picked up else where

He didn’t play very well in either game, and Summers just blew him away. Summers played phenomenally in both games, and really separated himself yesterday. I was very high on Calhoun, but I must admit that I was wrong about him. Perhaps his knees just won’t let him do what he did at Wisconsin.

I thought Damon would stick around! Hope he makes it to the practice roster, if thats posible!

This was the first round of cuts. These guys clearly didn't have much of a chance. The next round will be more difficult with a higher chance of players resurfacing on other teams. Is there any player cut today from any other team we are interested in right now?