Tiger Cats re-sign Tim O'Neill

The Tiger Cats just re-signed guard Tim O'Neill. Not a big fan of his play, so what do I know about talent and a 36 year old Canadian player . Is this a good sign or do the Tiger Cats have more immediate needs?

I think this would have be considered a “good sign.” O’Neill started every game in 2014 including the 2 pre and 2 post-season games – 5 @ C and 17 @ G.

With exactly 4 weeks to go before Free Agency begins, I’m happy to see that they’ve started the re-signings and weren’t the last team to do so. While Ottawa still hasn’t announced the re-signing of any of their 7 potential F.A.s, the Cats still have exactly twice as many players who could be free on Feb. 10.

I see Trawna released CB Jalil Carter today. Steinauer coached him in their Grey Cup year and, with Breaux likely headed South, might he have an interest in bringing young Carter down the QEW? He was one of 15 remaining possible TOR F.A.s

I personally think this was a poor move o'neil and filer could not block for the run game most of the year .but with peter back maybe oneil will take over at center

Sounds like they let Carter go so that he could pursue his NFL dream.


Decent old veteran. Good team mate. Non-Guaranteed contract. If there turns out to be an upgrade the Cats can still do it.
Low risk, low reward. Welcome back Tim!

This is a good signing for the Cats. Tim plays guard or centre and has a nasty streak. Filer got better as the year went on and the experience he gained will be invaluable. Peter should be all the way back . I guess Greg Wojt is the question mark because of injury. I watched a couple of U Conn games this year and Alex Mateas looked solid at centre on a pretty bad team. The Cats would have to trade up to get him but Tilman has never been averse to that in the past. I'm looking forward to the east west Shrine game this Saturday with Daryl Waud DL of Western and Addison Richards WR Regina. Brett Boyko OL UNLV is on the roster but I believe he's injured. The following week is the Senior Bowl with Tyler Varga RB Yale and Western. He hopes to go to medical school and just by coincidence, Hamilton happens to have one of the best at McMaster. :smiley:

The RBs have the first pick and Ottawa is Mateas' home town. Unless he gets picked in the NFL draft, or they get scared off him by perceived NFL interest, I think he'll be playing, and living, at home to start his pro career.

I have no problem with O'Neill being re-signed. Filer had some injury problems early in the season and it was good to have a solid experienced replacement. He also brings a veteran presence on an OL that had a lot of young players last year, although Dyakowski will also help in that regard as he returns for 2015. Would also like to see Wojt remain in black and gold too if he is healthy enough to return and contribute.

Austin and Co. must see something in O'Neil that I don't. As some of you may have read, I am no fan of O'Neil, and would prefer to see him off the team. That leaves Filer to be replaced. Only then will we have a decent O-line...

Tasker , O'Neil and Koch had a band together

It was probably to keep Tasker and the rest of the Band Together. :wink:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/4886649-steve-milton-team-building-win-have-a-team-band/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/488 ... team-band/[/url]

LOL!! Wrong O-Lineman there Grover,it's Filer who is in the band with Koch and Tasker. If anything O'Neill is probably the bands head of security :lol:


Rock Star

OOOOPS! senior moment!!! :wink:

As long as it didn't use up too much cap room, I think this is a good signing. Adds veteran presence and flexibility to the OL (particularly if it looks like Wojt is not coming back). It also gives the Cats another option at centre, although I thought Filer improved a lot the last few games.

But even with that improvement, centre is still a questionmark and maybe that is where they should draft. Mateas will probably be with the RedBlacks if he is in the CFL. (I think they already may have been thinking about this when they didn't go for Lavertu last year.) McEwen (U of Calgary) is a centre and he might be available although I would prefer Groulx (guard/tackle from Laval).

If there a free agent centre available? I read Brett Jones is set to try the NFL. The only other free agent centre that comes to mind is the RedBlacks' Krausnick who they might not re-sign if Mateas is expected. I thought Krausnick overall looked good the one game when he played centre against the Cats.

Are you kidding me? He STILL effed up snaps in crucial situations!

More importantly, as long as they didn't commit to bonuses payable before TC as that is what truly encumbers cap space given that contracts can be cancelled (players cut) at any time.

[quote author="DisplacedCatsFan"][quote="spike"
Are you kidding me? He STILL effed up snaps in crucial situations!
I believe you are thinking of Filer who was in his first year at centre. O'Neill played early in the season after Filer was injured during training camp. Don't recall critical snaps being messed up early in the season.

[quote author="tabbiefanmcb"][quote author="DisplacedCatsFan"]

I believe you are thinking of Filer who was in his first year at centre. O'Neill played early in the season after Filer was injured during training camp. Don't recall critical snaps being messed up early in the season.

I ABSOLUTELY was referring to Filer - that is why I hi-lighted that section of text.

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Sorry -misunderstood but it looked to me like you were upset with the O'Neill resigning because of the bad snaps.

Don't get me wrong, I am not an O'Neil fan at all. I feel that he was one of the major weaknesses of the offencive line - the other being Filer.

I know this thread is about O'Neil but since Filer's name is being bashed, I'm throwing in my two cents worth.

My opion is that because of stadium noise that errors were made by BOTH Collaros and Filer on those two plays at very critical points. So how do you blame one player? Was there a system in place for a silent count? Did they practice a silent count enough? Did the coaches prepare the team properly for this eventuality? Nobody other than the players and coaches know. I think we have more upside than down side with both of them.
Its easy to sit back and criticize when we're not there and just see the results of a bad outcome.