Tiger Cats...QB hunters

That is two games in a row the the Cats have knocked out the opposing QB.

Kevin Glenn for Winnipeg, and Burris last night.

My point.....I am not sure, I just found it interesting thats all

Despite what TSN was reporting last week vs Winnipeg, I don't think it was Cody's knee that hit Glenn but rather the Winnipeg O-lineman coming back to offer protection. At least from the camera angle and the angles of all the players, that's how it looked too me.

A caller did mention on the fifth quarter that the hit on Burris was late and out of bounds. I think Zeke tried to hold up but we are really lucky we didnt get flagged on that one. He was out of bounds and on the ground and considering we did get flagged for hitting a qb that was in bounds a few weeks back, I think we might have gotten a bit of a break on that one. Not dirty at all, just a lucky break for us for a change rather than another roughing call that has us shaking our heads.

Yep, Glenn's injury was the result of the offensive lineman backing up into him.