Tiger-cats playing in Guelph 2014 season too???

take a look at the link below to see what little work has been done towards the construction of Hamilton's new stadium 1 year before it is said to open:


now compare:
this is winnipeg's stadium 1 year before opening:


compare that to hamilton's stadium 1 year before open.
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see hamilton's stadium will not be ready for the 2014 season.

this is a picture of winnipeg's stadium 2 YEARS before it was completed.
looks shockingly similar to what is completed at hamilton's stadium 1 year before opening:


anyone else draw the same conclusion?: not a chance this stadium will be ready for 2014, and the cats will be playing in guelph again next season.

I wouldn't be surprised dg but some on the ticats forum disagree as you know. But I can't see it being done for 2014 either.

i'm sure some lions fans thought BC Place would be ready at the start of the 2011 season, as they were told.
i'm sure some Bombers fans thought IGF would be ready at the start of the 2012 season, as they were told. or even banjo bowl of 2012, as they were told.

That will be a lot of lost revenue, I know I should be rubbing this in TC 23 face as he trolled all last year and this year about Winnipeg's stadium . But I'm a CFL fan and want the league to be strong and all 8 and soon to be 9 franchises healthy with strong attendance.

I think our stadium is a little bit further along then the Winnipeg pic, and you also have to keep in mind, the stadium design isn't as complex or as large as IGF as the Endzones will be open, and much of the structure exposed (with those Steel beams that should be a part of a Steeltown stadium). Also the winter in Hamilton is a lot milder then Winterpeg, so winter construction is not going to be unheard of.

That all being said, yeah I have my doubts as well. Unless they kick it into high gear, I don't see it happening.

similar sentiments here kasps.

and I fail to comprehend why tc23 takes so much glee in the misfortune of other clubs,(re: stadium, attendance, insolvency etc etc) especially when the TiCats themselves have the very same issues to contend with. (or something of a related nature)

The irony seems to be lost on him.

heck they have 12 months still! you'd be surprised.

Maybe this is why Ham. invested in the Guelph site as much as they did? It might turn out to be a good thing for the Cats. I hope so ! I'm looking forward to visiting Guelph for a game or two. In the future this might be a nostalgic footnote or a trivia question . Part of the reason I love the CFL is because these sort of things happen. It seems Canadian. No need to look down on it or criticize. Good post, Kasps

I’m really surprised Guelph is not sold out, I just took a quick look and great seats available.

It's going to be quite hot and humid with a chance of showers so that's not going to help. Although we have seasons tickets, and proudly for Guelph, my wife can't take the heat, she doesn't mind rain but not heat and humidity, so I'm not sure if we will go and if we do, I might drop her off at a mall or something and I'll go, not sure.

I think it will be done in time , in Winnipeg they had a lot of cold and wind problems they could not get full days of construction, also I agree Winnipeg's new stadium is very complex to other stadiums, were Hamilton's stadium is the run of the mill basic stadium, I say it will be done , at the worst Hamilton might have to play on the road. for a few games

The big problem in Hamilton is that you are only seeing one image all the time, you can't move the camera to see what's going on outside of the frame? Secondly, the Steel for the structure has yet to be delivered when that arrives and the Riggers start going to work, you will see this stadium come together fairly quick? Thirdly, the companies who were awarded the contract to build the stadium are all under huge pressure and heavy fines if not completed in time, believe me if you stand to lose $100,000 a day for being late you'll make sure your done in time!! In Winterpeg in was different they had to fight off nine months of snow storms to build their stadium??

Actually let me rephrase that, the big problem in Hamilton is the Politics, No other City has a Bigger Bunch of Fence Sitters in Politics than Hamilton does and if the stadium was delayed 99% would be because of the Politics in Hamilton not because of anything else, it’s a city made up of strong NDP and Liberal roots which means more money for Tax Payers less in services and more money in the pockets of politicians like Dalton McGuinty and all the voters in the GTA who supported him in the past!!!

Agree with the comment above, the design is much simpler, basically they are erecting open grandstands with no roof as opposed to a structure with bowl seats and a partial roof. It may not be done right for the start of 2014, but I can see them moving in during part of 2014. The weather for the fall/winter/spring season will play a factor on how long it takes to complete as well.

Just noticed your sig! I must be dense. I like it, I like it a lot! :rockin: :rockin:

I am sure that the seating at Guelph will not be taken down just in case. Still if known to be late don't want to have to schedule their first four games on the road either.

K just saying but.. the weather in winnipeg wasnt that bad, it had nothing to do with the weather, this is what happens when you live outside winnipeg and believe everything you hear as fact... nothing to with weather. turns out the steel was the major delay, it wasnt ready in time. also, like others have said, IGF is way more complex, the arches and all that.. hamilton doesnt have that. hamilton is basically building a new version of Ivor Wynne, nothing fancy like winnipeg did.

honestly tho, i never expected IGF to be done in a year and those who did were kidding themselves, Hamilton? im not sure, looking at the design, its about as basic as it gets.. do i think it will be done in a year? probably not tho because delays happen and honestly, it takes a year sometimes to build and finish a house, sometimes more, a football stadium is 10000 x biggger, so it should take a bit longer. It might get done tho because its really about as basic as it gets.

also i think people who dont live in winnipeg tend to over exagerate the weather here, its not terrible.. honestly, i saw a comment saying hamilton has milder winters? maybe, but... really we all get pretty cold days in winter.. toronto was colder at times, so was hamilton... does winnipeg get cold winters? sure we do but really... we rarely get -30 days in the winter, outside of a week or 2 in feb.. the major factor with the winter temps in winnipeg is the wind, when its not windy.. its very similar to most of what canada gets. take away the wind, its not that bad.

We have been well over plus 40 with the humidex the last 2 3 weeks now also so this whole 'winterpeg' thing needs to die. we are pretty much the same as everywhere else in western canada and even parts of ontario, at times, even warmer.

Thanks Mpdid, I appreciate it.

Anyways, also keep in mind there's no roof to our stadium, so that should also shave off some time too.

also didnt your construction start in the spring? winnipegs started in the fall. doubt it will be ready for week 1 tho, just a feeling i get.

With Hamilton Promoting themselves as a regional type team extending to Guelf and down to Niagra and of Course London that they will have enough foresight to plan ahead and play a game inLondon at TD Waterhouse at an already expandable 16,000 seat capacity Saving the first game to be a real game.
Sinceit will be the home of Pan Am Soccer a friendly match could be played there to work out any kinks without it affecting a real game. A Woman's FIFA friendly with Canada VS the US should be a sell out just as it was in BMO.
A lacrosse game with the Canadian National team and the Hamilton Nationals would also be a good pre game trial event and should also bring a nice crowd in preperation for the 2014 World Mens Lacrosse championship.