Tiger Cats players moving on

That’s a great question! My personal expectation about Tavai was that he was a serviceable CFL caliber DE that would hopefully benefit from playing alongside a couple all star caliber DTs.

Mason Bennett is definitely a candidate to play a bigger role this season. Valentin Gnahoua has looked good when used on special teams, but he’s probably not a top candidate to be a regular on the DL. Malik Carney got into a handful of games last season and seemed to play well so maybe a rotational or more option?

Add in a couple prospects that we’ve been nurturing and a couple new recruits to the fact that whoever earns the spot will be surrounded by 11 absolute studs on defence and this definitely isn’t my greatest concern.

Back to Tavai… I would rather he stayed than left, but I now shift my attention to who remains without significant worry. While on the topic of worries though, my OL concerns have reduced noticeably over the off season, but my nervousness around the kicking game remains high. Hopefully we just need those guys for PATs and kickoffs anyhow!


Just from watching the highlight film on guys here is my fav to stick around @ DE.


not sure what he has done since 2018 but he looks like a prototypical CFL DE.

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Yup , he definitely could be a diamond in the rough for us . Certainly one to keep an eye on . There is currently 9 DE's listed on the roster for training camp . The breakdown being 5 Americans / 3 Canadians / 1 Global .

You have to figure that we will keep at least 4 to 6 on the roster somewhere when the dust settles after final cuts .


I, too, think Iceman1 has presented a good possibility in Bingham.
There were only a couple of situations, last year, when they didn't have both Davis and Howsare available to start at the DE spots, so no chance came up for Bingham, sitting behind Mauldin and Carney on the full team depth chart. Now, Carney and Bingham are both looking at a good opportunity to become a regular in the line-up.

Regarding another player, since nothing been announced, I'm wondering if there's a chance J.R. Tavai has "retired" just to open up a spot on the roster, for an extra rookie, during the early days of camp?


Looks like J.R Tavai may of got a job at his former high school based on the last photo he is tagged in on Instagram


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