Tiger Cats Play from Scrimmage

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This will be interesting for football fans. :rockin:

This idea IMO is dumb, but I like the later ones where we get to choose the uniforms and such.
But TBH, this'll go over big in the hammer.There's plenty of coaches where I sit that think they can do 100x better than the players/coaches on the field, nows their chance :lol:

Bomber fans are going to sign up and vote for "interception for a TD". :wink:

Am I the only one who finds this mickey mouse?
This seems like a promotion for a minor baseball team or something.
I don't have an issue with fans choosing the jersey, promotions, etc

But a play call seems dumb.

You mean like when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had the attendees at a Tampa Chamber of Commerce luncheon decide the batting order for a game?

It looks like a few NCAA teams are having contests to let a fan call a play. They're not pro sports but they are big business.

This is dumb, IMO. However I don't think they would do if it could hurt them in anyway. The results probably won't show when you vote. I don't think it will be too specific either.

If the Tampa Devil Rays did it, this pretty much confirms my point :wink:

Or...."fumble for a TD". I was just browsing around looking for any football news and came across the article and decided to post it. It will be the 14th game of the season on Oct.7th and likely won't hurt either team in any way.

Guys, it's vs the Blue Bombers. Of course it's not going to hurt us. :wink:

but yeah, maybe the first play in the preseason I would be cool with, but leave the play selection to the coaches.

First play, blind fold Glenn and tie Bruces hands behind his back., next put lead in Bruces shoes and give glenn ear plugs so he has no idea whats going on around him.Bruce will then run a post pattern and Glenn will throw it to him.End result, TD ticats :lol:

Clearly there will be no Off Tackle plays to choose from.

this will be a good op for fan participation, and if the play i pick is used , that would be sweet!!!.

Fumblrooski ???

The Bombers did this in the late 80s. Each home game a fan was brought down to the sideline to call one play at some point in the game. Mike Riley was coach. CBC or CFN did a feature on it. Basically Riley asked the fan in a general sense what they wanted to do like "run or pass". This particular fan who won the draw had no particular knowledge so the fan agreed to pass and Riley said something like "How bout a slant? That's a good pass play," and they ran a slant play. I can't remember if they completed the pass.