Tiger-Cats Pipes & Drums ?

Ya know?..a thought struck me........my father, who lives on the south shore of Nova Scotia, near Lunenburg, recently saw a need for a local pipe band and took the step of forming a grass roots band for the area and they are currently advertising for more members........he was in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in Hamilton for 25 years before moving to the coast of Nova Scotia.......(he's the lone drummer in this video and a huge Tiger-Cats fan and actually a very close friend of former Alouette kicker Terry Baker who lives nearby)

here's where they are so far........not bad eh?......(for grass roots).......


After seeing this recent video, a light bulb went off..............the Toronto Maple Leafs have always had the Pipes and Drums of the 48th Highlanders as their "mascot" band......and even former star Maple Leaf goalie, Glen Healy, an ardent bagpiper in his spare time, has many times joined them in their season opening performances.....in fact, Healy has performed with former Beatle, Paul McCartney more than once.

"Outside of hockey, Healy's passion is playing the bagpipes. Healy plays with two bands - the Peel Regional Police Pipe Band and the Highland Creek Band. Healy has played at the Ground Zero Memorial for the past five years, four times with Paul McCartney, and once at Carnegie Hall. The Peel Regional Police Pipe Band is featured on John McDermott's DVD "A Time to Remember." Healy and the band will travel to Vimy, France to play at the Vimy Ridge War Memorial's 90th anniversary in 2007.

My question is this...........would you like the Tiger-Cats to have it's own volunteer Pipes and Drums?.....Hamilton itself was founded mainly by Scottish people if you really dig into the history so I believe it would be highly appropriate to have a Ticats Pipes and Drums........

And I do know for a fact that Ticats owner, Bob Young has a heritage that includes the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders of Hamilton....and a very proud one at that......

.....and the Box J Boys already have the tartan registered in Scotland or so I understand....!......lol :rockin: :lol: :twisted:



I would love to hear a pipe band as part of the Tiger-cats. The tartan worn by the Box J Boys is actually MacLachlan Chief's Dress which is the tartan of my family heritage and is why I also wear the Kilt to the games. The MacLachlan's also originated in the Argyll region, which is another connection to Bob Young and the Hamilton area, based on the previous posters comments.

Thanks for the additional information "Dramaman".....actually, if one were to study the history of the bagpipes, it's clear they were considered a "weapon of war" because of the emotions they stirred up in the troops....and still do in current battle theatres I might add...............and in re-patriation ramp ceremonies for our fallen soldiers to this day in Afghanistan and Trenton, Ont.

When Scotland was under the tyrannical rule of the English (thugs), the bagpipes were outlawed because of that very thing.....the morons in England were scared of the Scottish warriors when they got all jacked up from the very sound of the bagpipes...... :twisted:

Could you imagine the Tiger-Cats coming out of the tunnel, in a mist, behind bagpipers? :rockin:

Thugs? morons?

Way to throw a bucket of cold water
on an interesting discussion, mikey.

I know it is difficult for you to comprehend but

few of us like people from other cultures
bringing their ethnic battles over here,

and none of us take kindly to being called names.

Interesting subject...might be something to look at :thup:

and Ronfromtigertown...I think deerhunter just forgot to put a "smillie" in there or two. :wink:

Yes, the smilie would have fixed everything :roll:

Racist comments are unwarranted and also against the rules. Right Mikey

Way to sabotage your own thread

Believe it or not, many of us wish you guys would keep your perdonal grievances to yourselves.
This site is burdened with people looking for any excuse to take personal shots. Lighten up! Look for the humour, even in posts from your deadly arch-rivals!!!!!
Back on subject. PIPES....Two completely different aspects to the sound of the pipes. If you have ever marched to them, you know there is a lilt, a rhythm, that makes you feel you could march for hours.
Then, there is the skirl that sets the blood boiling and has inspired Scots for centuries.
Could I see the Ticats benefitting from charging on to the field to that sound? Absolutely!

Exactly.........it was a little "Braveheart" humour added for effect......yes, I should have tossed in a few "winkies".....

here's two.... :wink: :wink:

You would need a -LOT- of pipes and drums to fill IWS with sound. The 48th pipes and drums in the ACC have a MUCH smaller volume to fill (and it has a roof, too). When the Queen came to Copps, the Argylles band was augmented with the RHLI band, and IIRC, other Highland bands as well.


Well you can hear the drumline that sits in the section behind the away team bench throughout the whole stadium (I love those guys! I dont know if theyre the same ones that play outside of the SouthEast gates before kickoff? Because if not, that drumline is great too)

So i cant see any problem with pipes not being heard throughout.

Yep, they are the same group

All this Scottish bagpipe talk is a moot point anyway...the Irish invented and perfected the instrument.

lmao!..the Irish were too drunk to handle such a complicated instrument, so the Scots took over to show them how a real drunk should do it.......hahahaha (I can say that because I'm both Irish and Scottish)...... :twisted:

Seriously though, as it turns out, Canadians routinely win the World championships anyways.......probably because we have at least 8 % alcohol in our beer........lmao! :lol:

Not to be-labour the point but seriously, I was referring to the ongoing battle between English vs the Scottish......(clearly from centuries ago) and called the English "thugs and morons".....ie: when Scotland was under the tyrannical rule of England......

truth be known, the English were murdering thieves, rapists and robbers at that time........I thought I was actually going easy on them....... :roll:

Good thing that the Scottish pasted the butts of the English to the wall in the end....those pathetic losers deserved it!... :rockin:

......Just like we (the British and Aboriginals eg Tecumseh) beat the crap out of the Americans here on our home turf in 1812-13.....and saved our land to eventually become Canada

Quite right Wilf and Boreham girl, Ronfromtigertown and I are clearly the antagonists here. :?

I think the issue that Wilf and I are referring to is much bigger than this thread and the offense you may have taken by a perceived racist comments. It gets annoying when perfectly good threads get locked because the same people bring their personal issues into the threads time and time again. I don't count you among those people. If you genuinely took offense to comments made, I have no issue with you saying so

I too think a pipe band might be a good thing to bring back to Ivor Wynne soon..

You are right about the World Championship Pipe Band this year too...

As you can read HERE, Simon Fraser University has repeated as champions of the world in 2009. This was, according to the radio, with all the 2009 judges having to be Scottish.

Congratulations to them, and Scot's Wha Hae

"Lay the proud Usurpers low
Tyrants fall in every foe!
Liberty's in every blow!
Let us Do or Die!"

or the more common cheer:

"Oski Wee Wee"

You may well be correct in stating that the Irish invented the bagpipes. But, I fear you would get an argument about the 'perfecting'' comment. There is a school of thought that sees no hint of perfection in the pipes. (Misguided souls)
But, there is no doubt about the universality of the 'Pipes and Drums' Scotland and Ireland surely, throughout North America, even Greece. One of the best Pipe bands in the British Army is that of the Ghurka Regiment from Nepal.

Can, or should, the Tiger-Cats be far behind?

Whatever happened to the Burlington Teen Marching Band?