Tiger Cats Orginization--Ticats 8-0 campaign!!

*** This post is for positive comments and feedback only, no negative comments please. ***

There have been improbable runs in the history of professional sports....There is no reason we cannot get behind this team and show this team that we still believe in them...ANY team at ANY given time can win in this league.

WE ARE AT WAR!! 8-0, 8-0, 8-0, Focus!!!

This goes out to the players, coaches, upper management, front office, Mr. Young, and the fans LETS DO IT, AND MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR!! Positivity yields positivity...LETS DO IT!!! GO CATS GO!!

At least our cheerleaders are easy on the eyes.

It's the only positive thing I can think of right now.

IM WITH YOU.....8-0! 8-0! 8-0!

oh who are we kidding. :?

how about...5-3! 5-3! 5-3!

hmmm sounds a little more realistic.

a 7-11 record will likely get second in east...maybe even 6-12 because we won the season series with T.O.

i would say 5-13 but thats a bit of a stretch considering the blue team plays winnipeg twice more.