Tiger-Cats on NFL Network


NFL Network just showed a clip with two Hamilton Tiger-Cats guys at an NFL workout.

Maybe the Cats are going to sign QB Mark Sanchez, or LB Ray Malaluga to replace Zeke Moreno.

Cool stuff, seems like the team is all over the place checking out talent. :rockin:

good, we could use another LB or two. Mariuz is really only a good special teams player and Cameron Siskowic is great but if we can do better or get a backup i'd love it. AS for QB's, I can see getting 1 more just to really prove when we trim down to 4 guys that we have a true roster of QB's and not some wannabe in a ticat jersey. I also heard we may get a very very fast KR sometime soon which is fantastic, Maybe that player can be the next dominic Dorsey or Ian Smart in terms of KR.

Are you talking about Total Access?
I just watched the 10:30 repeat with the USC pro day segment, and I didn't see anyone Ticat-related. At least not obviously recognizable.

the ti-cats have been mentioned before on the NFL network, during the combine Steve Marriuci was saying that he was drafted by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL (which i didn't no and i don't even no how its possible because we can only draft Canadians). Mike Mayock then said "i thought they could only draft Canadians up there" and Mooch replied "yea well they drafted me"

Some team probably put him on there neg list and he considers that being "drafted".

or maybe he was just hit in the head too many times

Steve Mariucci, a quarterback at the time was signed by the Ticats in 1978 out of North Michigan, a division two school. He lasted in training camp for about two weeks before beganing his coaching career later that year at his alma mater.

I remember the segemtn on the NFL Network where this was discussed, Steve was on with Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith. They discussed their stints in the CFL as Smith had a cup of coffe with Winnipeg in 1982.

When Smith was talking about Thomas Dimitroff, his boss and the new GM in Atlanta, Mariucci mentioned do you know who the head coach was when I was with Hamilton, it was Tom Dimitroff Sr.

8) Yep, the late Tom Dimitroff lasted I believe 4 or 5 games as head coach of the TiCats before he was sacked !!!
   His son has had a much more sucessful career with regards to football jobs, that is for sure  !!!!