Tiger-Cats NOT responsible for drinking and driving

Good one....... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Must be a slow news day if this gets put in the paper. :roll:

most bars and restaraunts are located with a public transit option.they are legally responsible for over serving a driver.bob youngs plan is to locate outside the city and force everyone into cars


The Innsville Hotel in Stoney Creek has received a 30-day liquor suspension starting next month after police and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) investigated the death of a 24-year-old Hamilton woman in a single-vehicle accident in January.

Public transit is getting pretty expensive too...

Wow. First off there are plenty of other options already. There is a bus route that already exists and there are taxis. Thats now. Bus service will be expanded as the area grows and bus shuttles will be available no matter where the stadium is located. the entire forcing us into cars is BS.

Secondly, if you drink you don't drive if you are responsible. By your logic Young should oppose the East Mountain because it will hurt beer sales :roll:

Thats so far fetched, with LCBO outlets beer stores bars and resturants that serve booze all over this province. We really do live in a backwards thinking country sometimes !!

most have public transit options !!!! Geeez I ve heard it all now

The taxi industry in Hamilton I'll bet is supporting the EM option.

how will the taxis get in while 6000 cars are trying to exit

how will the taxis get in while 6000 cars are trying to exit
Why you do believe that stadium management will not consider the needs of all fans that may want to attend?

The advantage of having better options is available at EM

I've seen at least one guy equate a few empty barrels with love canal, too. People sometimes say absurd things.

I guess you aren't watching the news much. :roll:

What they have found the past few days is just the beginning I'm afraid.

how will the taxis get in while 6000 cars are trying to exit
Good point. I suppose the $8 mil infrastructure improvements will address this. Failing that we can transport people home by air balloon.

The Cats are responsible for the drinking part. Drinking helps ease the pain of being a Cat fan.

You'd think it would but the next day it just makes you feel bitchier about it.

I'll drink to that!



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I went to the fridge to get a beer and there aren’t any left. Somehow it has to be Caretaker’s/Fred’s fault :wink: