Tiger Cats need to tough it out

the cats can still host a home playoff game. that’s the bottom line. they have thrown in the towel way too early the past 2 seasons. they need to bring the steeltown mentality and get some wins. hey if you’re 2-8 and can still make the playoffs, that’s not a bad deal at all!

Hate to say it but with the Arg..s signing the Don this week, the cats chances are slim...no matter how bad they are, the don is going to be good for 3-4 wins.

LMAO...playoffs....ouch my spleen....

Dude its Over....AGAIN....

theres still hope...we just need not give up

hey if you're 2-8 and can still make the playoffs, that's not a bad deal at all!
8) Actually it's a pathetic deal in reality !!
 Shows just how bad the East Division is this year, and that we are actually still in the running for a playoff spot with a 2-8 record in September  !!!             <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I think you're dreaming in technicolor. It looks like the 3rd playoff team in the East will be a cross-over team from the West so at 2-8, the chances of the Cats making the playoffs are nil. It's not like they're about to rip off 4-5 wins in the second half of the season.

An Argo-Cat fan

He may be dreaming in technicolour
with Sony Dynamic Digital Sound but

we're 4 points behind the
SECOND place Arggg..ohs

and we only need to tie
the ***** to come 2nd.


A-C fan, I am not saying that
we WILL get in the playoffs.

I really don’t see why, by the time the Don gets caught up with everything and gets the system he wants in place the season will be over.

This move is by their owner who knows nothing about football. I’m so glad our owner doesn’t make football decisions.

Alright - so we got a new Cat boss, and a new Argo boss.
Also, just about the same sad record.
How much you want to bet that Mathews gets more wins than MB?
We are 10 games into the season, and MB is saying he is still not sure WHO will start at QB?
We are in real trouble, my friend.... real trouble.

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:
This move is by their owner who knows nothing about football. I'm so glad our owner doesn't make football decisions.
8) You're right about the Argo owner. I heard one half of that terrific tandem, David Cynnamin on the Fan590 the day they signed Don Matthews, and he said he wanted to bring in the winningest coach in CFL history to coach the Argos in that World Class City, Toronto !!!
World Class City ????          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Sure glad they think so  !!

I'll take the Argos and I'll take Mathews over Marcel in a heartbeat. I'm betting two wins are the best we'll get and we were damn lucky to get the Argos at their lowest to get those two wins.

This team has alot more talent than the argos have, we might be able to turn it around, were bringing in a guy from our system, they are bringing a guy who hasn't been in the system. Even if he is the legendary Don Matthews, I say advantage us.

Their head coach knows nothing about what's been going on there. Bringing in a completely new head coach is completely ridiculous, it takes what 5 months for a new coach to settle in, heck there were those on here who thought we were doomed when Charlie left in January, thinking that the new coach wouldn't have enough time to prepare lol.

And Don isn't that great, there's no Joe Poapoa's no more for him to school each week and he doesn't have a great qb which he always had and when he didn't his teams did nothing. And how is Joseph going to react to his new coach being the guy who use to say he was garbage and can't read defences.

Forget this year. The re-build starts now. We have to take a realistic approach. Starting the re-build at the end of this season is too late. The Moreno thing however bad it looks will turn out in the Cats favour next season.
I wouldn't worry too much about Matthews. His signing was all about ticket sales. He was loosing his touch late in his career and being out of the league for 2 seasons won't help him either. This is Retro Week in Toronto and it has become fashionable to bring back the past with the likes of Matthews, Cliff Fletcher and Cito Gaston.
The remainder of the season will really show what players have the drive to work hard and improve.

Drexl wrote:
"Bringing in a completely new head coach is completely ridiculous, it takes what 5 months for a new coach to settle in"

Drexl: But thats the thing about the Don....he's like a whirlwind when it comes to a new team. I give him two games and then we will see the difference a new HC can make.

I'd be more optimistic if we didn't lose to BC the way we did. That was truly pathetic.

Aside from that, we've only been pounded on, what, twice this year (Calgary and Montreal?). We were coming off a heartbreak Labour Day game but we could've still kept a strand of momentum with a good showing against BC.

Instead, no one decided to show up.

I'd love to be proven wrong...and, hey, anything can happen. A win in Edmonton would raise my eyebrows a bit.

I just can't believe how much worse this team looks now than early in the season in those T.O and Sask games.

It's going to take him more than 2 weeks to get his spies in place so he can start stealing signals. :wink:

This time around I highly doubt his predictable 8 man blitz's will work quite as well. He even admitted 10 years ago that his schemes had huge holes in them that weren't being exploited, main reason, garbage offensive coaching around the league.

You are technically right, but the Don is a master motivator, within a game or two, the roster will run thru a brick wall for him.’

LET ME TELL ALL OF YOU SOMETHING.. Ingnorance is curable... Stupidity is permanent and sometimes fatal!!!! This organization and team has done some pretty stupid things over the last 4 or 5 years.. until you clean house and i mean right from the top down... this will not end..

Just because Mr Young has money does not mean he knows how to run a football team..When does he become accounatble . he hired everyone since he bought the club. And can anyone here say that this has been a successful tenure!!!