Tiger-cats name change

If the rumors are true, and the Ti-cats move to Quebec or another city, would they have to change their nickname or can they keep Tiger-cats? And let's keep this on the subject; please don't post off-subject opinions!

Having no stadium maybe a problem in Quebec ?

Maybe I should've editted the subject heading, if a team relocates to another city can they keep the current nickname or do they have to change it?

The name is the property of the existing owner. If he sells the team the name can be included the sale agreement. If he relocates the team he can use the name or change it. If he changes the name, the Tiger Cats still remain his property.

Les Tigre-Chats :smiley:

If they move to Quebec (which I hope they don't), they'd probably have to drop the "cats" part of the name as they'd want a name that would work in French, so probably would be, "Les Tigres de Quebec"
As I said in another thread, if the move is to happen, the team should "offically" de-amalgomate (seperate into Tiger and Wildcats), the Tigers (Tigres) going to Quebec and the Wildcats going to Moncton (this is assuming they find an owner or set up community ownership). We would then have a balanced leaque of 10 teams once Ottawa comes back in.

...lol, right off the bat, an off-subject posting

I remember reading an article long ago about the CFL learning from the horn Chen/ Rough riders experience, and have since made it so the league owns all team names and logos.

Unless the CFL approved Bob young to take the ticats name with him to Quebec, I think he'd have to come up with a new name there.

The tigercats name should only be used in Hamilton, IMO. It has no significance in another city....just like when the nordiques moves to Colorado, they didn't keep the name.

How about Le Tigre-Chat du Quebec? :slight_smile:
Sorry my French sucks, so if someone could correct me..

Hmmm, the Moncton Wildcats ... sounds vaguely familiar, almost as if I've heard it before .... oh, right! http://www.moncton-wildcats.com/ :stuck_out_tongue:

(edit) Although I do think "Tigres" would be a good choice if they were to move to Quebec City (though off-topic, I think all the talk about them moving to QC is a bit premature!)