Tiger-Cats....MRX..../Cayuga Speedway

Very cool news on the new partnership.

Haldimand County could sure use this good news right now as it's been a tough year in that area.

I was just out at the track recently and they have some huge plans. I'm very impressed with the new ownership.

This is such good timing for all involved since CASCAR was just bought by NASCAR....

Good luck to all parties involved......and yeah, start your engines!....see ya'll at Cayuga Speedway this year! (can ya tell I love the place?) 8)

Oh no.

Please don't encourage Steve Ruddick to take up the entire CH sportscast with 7 minute long reports from the speedway.

The #39 car looks pretty cool now......... :thup:

The driver I've followed for a long time is in the #88 car (Dave Jacombs)

Nice to hear the term NASCAR in the Canadian Tire series now.

Anyone going to Cayuga Speedway for the race Saturday?

There's no better sound on earth as when the starter waves that flag to put the pedal to the metal !