Tiger-Cats @ Montreal Sunday!

I'm looking forward to the Tiger-Cats rematch against the Al's this Sunday in Montreal and although the Al's have taken the series this year and the last two games against the Cats both have been close.

Jeff Mathews will have Fantuz back and along with Tasker and others should steady this team to go for a win this time around against Montreal. Montreal may be going with newly acquired QB Kevin Glenn or Tanner Marsh remains to be seen but the Cats have faced both before and it's time for our defence to grab the knockout punch on the Al's.

A big game for both teams as the Cats keep pace in the East lead and the Al's fight for that crossover position to the western division playoffs.

It's the Tiger-Cats at Montreal on Sunday October 18/15 at 1:00pm on TV with TSN and RDS and radio on 1150 TSN Hamilton Ti-Cat Radio.


Good motivation for a Win in Montreal on Sunday for the Tiger-Cats after being beat twice this season by the Al's in close games and the fact that the Cats haven’t won in Montreal since October 20, 2002 according to 3rd Down Nation it's time to correct that statistic a get a big win.


Ticats ARE the better team IMO and should have put the birds to flight at least once this season. The last game these two teams played at THF, I thought the D seemed to be off in their tackling which I attributed to playing 5 games in 24 days - they were worn out! I'm not sure why they came out flat against them early in the season after their first bye week, but they need to come out strong and show the birds that THEY are the elite team. The Als have looked anything but good in their past two games in spite of their late comeback vs the blew team, and I don't think that KG will make much difference.

Looking forward to a good game and a W! :rockin:

I agree no doubt about it that the Cats are a much better team and hopefully will bring their "A" Game on Sunday against the Al's and let our defence dine on some more bird meat!


The outside runs killed us, especially the jet sweeps to Giguere. Gotta stop that.

You're right - I had forgotten about those plays. I don't imagine that Giggy minded "sticking it" to his former team either! :x

I'm sure the Cat's will be pumped up on this rematch and opportunity for some payback on the Al's at McGill in Montreal on Sunday.


These dirty birds ruined our beautiful streak... They need to be punished!!!


WOW, that is a long time!

[url=http://3downnation.com/2015/10/16/last-time-ticats-won-in-a-regular-season-game-in-montreal-2002/]http://3downnation.com/2015/10/16/last- ... real-2002/[/url]

So can we blame that losing streak on the Conservatives??? :wink: :smiley: Too bad the election is the day AFTER the game - could be a change in Ottawa that would help :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: