Tiger-Cats @ Montreal Sunday

Okay we got Zach back at QB he's shaking off the rust, the offence is starting to get back on track and our Defence is playing great football and dominated Toronto on Labour Day.

We play on Sunday in Montreal, what do Cat fans predict will be the outcome of this game and what do we need to win against the Al's at McGill, what do Tiger-Cat fans think about this game?

I say, continue the aggressive defensive play, use rush and blitz packages against Montreal ands lets grab a few interceptions, Montreal's QB Crompton likes to throw the long ball.

Hopefully we will get a kick returner back with speed on special teams, we need Banks or McDuffie in there.

Our offence needs to keep marching down the field, runs on first downs and ten yard passes keep the ball and good clock management, keep the Montreal fans out of the game.

Tiger-Cats 27 Montreal 13


I hope for a Cats win Sunday. The keys to winning. Would be cutting down on the penalities (discipline) and capitalizing in the red zone. No fumbles or dropped passes ! Last weeks play calling was fine, I thought they used a good variety of the run and pass. A win would be huge for the Cats.

I agree with the above posts.

This game will be a test for the O-line. The Als can get after a QB so the line better man up or it could be a tough game.

D should stay the course. Don't slack off on the pressure and they should be able to give the latest Als QB (whose name escapes me right now but might be Crompton) a series of fits.

just show up is all. this week we get to 3 wins and first place in the east


Both teams were able to move the ball last week, both QBs fumbled on the goal line, both teams can't finish off drives.
It's going to be another low scoring game with all kinds of mistakes and penalties. Montreal is at home so they should win by 3 points.

Win the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Stop the dual running threat and play hard disciplined football with little or no penalties. This is a statement game and this team is capable of the win however, they need to be totally focused.

It's not easy winning on the road, and Hamilton has a hard time doing it but if they can win in Montreal this could get the ball rolling. Beating Montreal and then coming home to play Saskatchewan, would make for an awesome game.

Here's what needs to happen. The Defense needs to play the exact same way, only with more empahasis on covering SJ Green and Brandon London, and the Offense needs to improve slightly as a whole and limit turnovers.

That's how we win this game.

Montreal defense is much better than people realize. I am hoping don’t get letdown.

I agree with Chewbaca. Montreal's defence is very good. They have some very good players on the O-line, some great receivers and Whitaker. And they're at home. QB is still a question mark. The Oddshark point spread is between 0 and the Cats giving 1.5 points.

21 - 17 cats

So is HAM’s.

Hammer: Agreed…just one more thing though. Make sure Masoli is not on the bus going to the airport. Leave him in Hamilton.

Masoli made a mistake. He should not have reached out for the goal line with the ball on first down. I’m sure Austin has mentioned that to him at least once. I’m sure Masoli has learned from that mistake.

I think Masoli is good at QB sneaks and short draws, and has performed those type of plays quite well all season. I do not want Collaros to be doing QB sneaks, as I wouldn’t want him risking injury on a play where Masoli can do as good a job or better. That said, I do not have much confidence in him as an actual backup quarterback at this point. He seems to have a tendency to turn over the ball too much. I don’t know if McGee is any better - just haven’t seen enough of him to know for sure.

So for now, Masoli is our guy on third and short. Just need to remind him that ball retention is more important than making the first down / touchdown on first and second downs.

Masoli has made way to many “mistakes”
I can’t believe he is even still here! Austin is uncharacteristically showing way too much patience with him.
He must have pictures of Austin doing something rude to a goat or something! :wink:
In every game he has stepped onto the field so far this season he has made absolutely brutal “mistakes”
at crucial times of the game.
It is time to give someone else a shot.

Here are his game stats from this year(courtesy of Bobo)

Disclaimer, view at your own risk!

[b]Jeremiah Masoli game stats 2014

@ Edmonton…5 of 15 for 118 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT, 3 FUMBLES
@ Calgary…9 of 20 for 107 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT, 1 FUMBLE
…Calgary…7 of 10 for 68 yds, 0 TD, 1 INT, 1 FUMBLE
…Toronto…0 of 0 for 0 yds, 0 TD, 0 INT, 1 FUMBLE

Season Stats…attempts…completions…total yards…% completion…TD’S…Int…Fumbles…QB rating
Jeremiah Masoli…45…21…293…46.7 %…1…3…6…47.7%[/b]

Any word on whether Gable will be back for Sunday? I think he's the one missing piece on offense.

On special teams will Koch be handling the returns? (I like him as a receiver but I don't think he has the instincts for returning).

I believe Masoli came to the team with Austin from Cornell, so Austin was likely already comfortable with him and knew is nuances.

I do agree that he has turned the ball over way too many times, which is why I said I haven’t much confidence in his ability as a backup QB. He has, however, done well on QB sneaks with that one exception. (By the way, I thought the strip while he was being held up and that was returned for a TD in the Edmonton game should have been overruled by the Command Centre, as his forward progress had been stopped before he lost control of the ball. Both players had their arms around the ball as Masoli was spun around, the ball was moving backwards, and then Masoli lost his grip on it. When two players both have a grip on the ball, the one who had possession first is deemed to have possession. Without that TD, we probably would have won that game.)

The problem is that we haven’t seen whether McGee can run QB sneaks, or anything else for that matter. Until we do, I’m saying stick with Masoli for third and short, and hope we’ve seen the last of Mazola. And also hope we don’t need him to actually run the offence [knock wood].

Hammer, No actually Masoli came via Edmonton and originally played for Austin at Mississippi when he was the offensive Coach at that school, Tasker came from Cornell where Austin was head coach.

Got the point though, why is he still here is anyones guess?


Not good stats across the board. 6 fumble? Brutal!