Tiger-Cats Merchandise Question / Idea

To whom it may concern,

Does anyone know of, or know where, someone could get a Hamilton Tiger-Cats jersey t-shirt?

You know the type that I mean. You know the ones with the team logo on the front of the t-shirt and a player name and number printed on the back. They do them for a lot of different sports.

An example:

NFL Store Name & Number T-Shirt

Or even something like this:


I realize there is a Casey Printers one on the Tiger Town online store, but personally I don't really want a Casey Printers one. (I already have his autographed jersey from last year! How did that work out for me?)

Anyone have any ideas where I would be able to get one made if they aren't available?

I think it might be a good idea for the CFL and member clubs to ask Reebok to make some of these type of t-shirts. The reason I say this is because with the amount of player turnover, it might be a way to sell more merchandise to the people that don't want to commit the $100+ for a custom replica or authentic jersey only to see said player move on in a season. And I am not just saying this because of my Casey Printers jersey! Also, it might be a good idea for the people who don't necessarily find a good fit with football jerseys.

I just think it might be a good idea that's all. Thank you in advance for your help!

Your thoughts?

  • paul

My idea, go with someone who shouldn't be leaving for a looonnnggg time. That's why I got a Porter jersey :smiley:

Easier said than done my friend.

What do you consider a long time? 3 seasons?

  • paul

175 bucks over 3 years isn't bad. And if he was a legend here and goes somewhere else, that jersey is still good. Hell, I think the most frequent jerseys worn by people at IWS at the moment are Maas and Lumsden jerseys. Never saw a Printers jersey though :smiley:

I had my jersey done with a past player. Granted the jersey is from the 95 season but I had Brock's name put on it.

And that is definitely one way around the issue. The problem is, being as I was born in 1978, even though I have been a Tiger-Cat almost my entire life, really I didn't become a conscious fan until I was about 12 or so. So that puts me at 1990 to now to select a player's jersey that I really enjoyed watching play and was a fan of.

So who does that leave me with?

Danny Mac?
Darren Flutie?
Rob Hitchcock?
Derrick McAdoo?
Timm Rosenbach?
Bob Torrance?

To be quite honest, I was a fan of them (maybe not the last two), but I don't think I would get one of their jersey's. And even then, the jersey has changed since then.

Now you see my problem!

I just think the Tiger-Cats and CFL have an opportunity to move a lot of merchandise if they made some jersey style t-shirts available. I'd be willing to bet they would sell 20 of them a lot faster than they would sell one or two custom jerseys.

  • paul

They need to bring back the real throwback jerseys and make them look like the ones they wore in the 60's and 70's. The ones they sell in the store with the throwback names on them are the jerseys they wear today. l would buy a Mosca jersey if it was old school.

Is this what you are thinking of?


Yes, that is what I mean, but as I mentioned earlier, I am not particularly interested in a Casey Printers one and I have a feeling that that batch of t-shirts are a couple years old by now.

So it seems to me new ones with new players aren't available.

  • paul

If Reebok is continuing to do this, my guess would be that Porter would be tapped. They have put out Maas and Printers in the last 3 years.

You should be allowed to customize them to any player. Not everyone can shell out $175 everytime their player gets released or traded.

come on man!! Earl Winfield!

i was born in 84 and hes my earliest memory of a ticat 'great', so you must remember him.

If the team makes their own merchandise line like they have the past 2 seasons and going with minimal reebok gear (one shirt i think this year) why can't they just produce their own player tees? if they can produce their own merchandise what stops them from doing their own instead of using reeboks?

This made me smile, because my first jersey was a blank away jersey from the 80s that I eventually had crested with 19 because of McAdoo. :smiley:

The only ones I've seen are the Printers one and a Maas one that was on sale for 5.00 at national sports. Highway robbery lol :wink:

Could go with Joe Montford, too.
I'm born around the same time and, still, I always thought of going with Mosca on the back -- regardless of what style of jersey. Right now, I've got my non-nameplated Winfield jersey.

Would definitely think about snagging a Porter jersey though...