Tiger-Cats making BIG plans for Guelph !!

Guelph’s downtown will play a significant role in the venture, Lowe said, with the possibility of game-day street parties being explored by the Ticats, the Downtown Guelph Business Association and the city.

“The Ticats are very interested in promoting downtown Guelph,? Williams said. “We think that we have a lot of unique amenities down here. If people are going to drive up from Hamilton they might like to see something that is particularly Guelphish.?

With games on Saturdays, the downtown will have more available parking for those visitors. Tailgate parties and a shuttle bus service are among the possibilities.

“We’re thinking big now,? Williams said. “We can envision a family-friendly kid’s area with inflatables at the splash pad. Maybe there’s a music stage set up on Macdonell Street, and a big screen TV to show the game. And maybe there’s another area in St. George’s Square that’s a little bit quieter, but festive nevertheless.?

“Everyone is looking at this in the best possible manner about how this is going to help the city build, as well as grow our brand and our product in the region,? Lowe said. “The reality is we have to be a regional team. It’s always been a part of our objectives to grow regionally, and this gives us an opportunity at regionalization. I’m calling it regionalization on steroids.?

The team is planning a major launch event tentatively scheduled for mid-February. Information on ticket sales in the Guelph region will be rolled out in connection with that event.

[url=http://www.guelphmercury.com/news/local/article/878306--ticats-guelph-marketing-lead-by-university-of-guelph-alumni#.UQqHzyV3s7I.facebook]http://www.guelphmercury.com/news/local ... I.facebook[/url]

That's really encouraging and nice to see Guelph embrace the Cats. Hopefully it ends up being a mutually beneficial arrangement for the Cats and the city of Guelph.

Actually found this funny.

“We’re thinking [b][i][u]big[/u][/i][/b] now,? Williams said.
"Big?" Wow, can't wait to read what he has in mind...
“We can envision a family-friendly kid’s area with [b][u]inflatables at the splash pad[/u][/b]. [b][u]Maybe [/u][/b]there’s a music stage set up on Macdonell Street, and a big screen TV to show the game. And [b][u]maybe[/u][/b] there’s another area in St. George’s Square that’s a little bit quieter, but festive nevertheless.? ]
A splash pad with inflatables and 2 maybes. :lol: That's pretty big alright.

Ya tc24, its too bad that no one from Guelf will be attending the games due to the overwelming response of Ticats season ticket holders ready and in line for all the seats available. :wink:

Really looking forward to it, as I've said before I've been to Guelph a few times and have enjoyed the city immensely. Some might see Guelph as just not "big city enough" for their liking and personal tastes but that's exactly what I like about this, it's exactly not that. :thup: Much more a community venture, not just about what local bar has the most beers or what not and hot waitresses (not that there is anything wrong with that of course :wink: ). And I love to see activities set up for the kids, while my wife and me don't have children we both get a kick out of watching them at events we go to. Makes us feel young I suppose.

Geez - apparently the "light" has finally turned ON for the Ticats as far as promoting downtowns go. Too bad that didn't happen a while ago with respect to their own home town.

It would have perhaps kicer even more than Bob Young setting up the Cats office in the downtown area and purchasing a building to boot with employees that spend money in the area going out for lunch, shopping at lunch etc. When I mean even more, maybe the city could have thrown in the HECFI or something like that for the Cats to operate. Oh, sorry that was supposed to be for Mr. Daryl Katz, silly me, I forgot.

Takes two to tangle.

And I'd love to know the details of the Mac/Ti-Cat discussions. I could be wrong, but i can't see McMaster turning down an offer that included no expenses, and a half million dollar donation at the heart of it.

I’ll drive to Guelph, watch the Cats’ game, then drive back home. I’ll do this five times. That’s all I want to see of the thriving metropolis of Guelph, thanks.

Well, if it was a matter of principle that someone there couldn't stand the TigerCats or Caretaker, well, then I think it is possible they may have turned just about anything down to try and screw the Cats. Egos can get pretty out of control sometimes.

It is going to be a lot of fun, every game will be an event !! I was in Moncton when the Cats played and it was like a mini Grey Cup ! My friends daughter goes to University of Guelph, she said the city is already getting excited about the Cats coming and there is still 5 months until Kick Off !

Wait until June :rockin:

I lived there...worked there. It is and has always been one of my favourite places.

A garlic smoked sausage (with chopped olives and hot peppers) in Riverside park, a beer or two at the Albion and a Ticat game too...man...that would be heaven

Boy, I'm salivating like Pavlov's Dog ! That sound really good on a cold day like today, just think 5 months until kickoff :cry:

Yeah, my wife went to the Univ. Guelph and she enjoyed the time there, and she came from Ottawa. Having worked for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (if that's what it's still known as) at one time and my wife having worked in a animal clinic at one time, I'd be interested in a tour of the Univ of Guelph and their animal and plant pathology facilities especially.

Good to hear that all parties are coming together to make it a fun and worthwhile experience for those making the long trek to Guelph.

I wish an enjoyable and safe journey to all those who will be travelling there.

I think a key thing is that TiCat fans unite and respect each other despite some not wanting to go to Guelph, others not wanting to play in Toronto, whatever. At the end of the day we are all Cat fans and just like we have our differences on this board, the fact is we are all Cat fans and can feel a sense of unity regardless. I don't expect anyone to go to Guelph who doesn't want to and it doesn't make them less of a Cat fan, just like I expect no one to put me down because I don't want to go to the RC for games. Sometimes it's in major challenges that in the end bring people together, even if in the process some people get mad at others and the team whatever and leave the nest.

I'm also hoping for some announcement in the future that all is well between the Cats and the McMaster community and that this again helps unite the city just a tad more. Time will tell. Something along the lines of a Cats-McMaster field day/open house at McMaster where there are activities set up for the kids and a fun day, right on the McMaster campus. That would be great if that could happen, one day. Keeping my fingers crossed. For now, my time and monies will be spent in Guelph and on the Guelph campus watching the Cats. And anxious to learn more about Guelph and their research activities at the university there. I've given money for research in the past, not a lot but every little bit counts. McMaster won't be much in my mind as I drive up to Guelph on game day. But that is for 2013, just a year.

In terms of CIS next year, the problem will be who will I cheer for when the Mustangs play Guelph? Now that one will be a difficult one. :wink:

It is a a shame that they passed on the Vanier Cup. These kind of activities downtown would have been great for the Vanier cup as well.

Earl: I think most people that aren't going to Guelph are doing so because of travel issues (parking, inconvenience), among others. I would think a small number are doing so out of spite in a conscious effort to hurt the Cats.

This is completely different then yourself, who has made it clear you don't go to RC out of spite. It would seem you are hurting the CFL to some degree (saying you are capable of buying tickets, but choosing not to for some moral reason) .

I'm not sure how you can equate your spitefulness toward Rogers to people who are unable to make it to Guelph. Completely different.

True brad, excellent points and I agree, no comparison should be made and I shouldn't equate the two at all. But it's not just spite with me for the RC, I don't like the stadium, period. Now if someone other than Rogers owned it who was more CFL friendly so to speak, yes, I would be more inclined to go.

Again, yes, agree different issues no question. However the bottom line is I don't think that whatever the reasons are for people not going wherever to see the Cats, next year or whenever, there should be any judgements made, and I apologize if I have made any judgements as such. That was and is a wrong thing to do. Sometimes I get a bit riled up reading some people on here and I should try to remain as objective as possible under all circumstances, agree.

Hey Captain: Give them a break. I'm sure they'll do there best. Comparing Guelph to Hamilton is like comparing
Hamilton to Toronto. We're not even in their league. But everybody already knows that. :smiley:

Actually, we are lucky they're allowing our team to play there. Its not like we have any other choices.
Someone in our organization screwed up our deal with Mac. I could hazard a good guess as to who it was,
and I'm not thinking Bob Young but won't get into speculative name calling.