Tiger-Cats loss may be Argos gain.....

Read this in the Star today. Looks like York U could come to the rescue of the Pan Am stadium should the Hamilton standoff continue. Argos would become the primary tenant in the new 25k stadium.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/panamgames/article/821188--perkins-york-u-will-grab-pan-am-stadium-if-hamilton-dithers?bn=1]http://www.thestar.com/sports/panamgame ... thers?bn=1[/url]

Ha ha ha ha. Music to my ears! Oskie What?

I love Hamilton, it's a very nice city on the escarpment where I live and have come to love the TigerCats being a season ticket holder for many years.

But the way things have been handled with respect to the stadium here, and not involving the TigerCats in initial discussions, the city deserves to lose both the stadium and the TigerCats IMHO. They have shown they really only pay lip service to the team even with a great owner in Bob Young.

Why only 25K, At least make it 35K. I think the Argos could sell out an outdoor stadium at 35K. They get 30K now at the RC.

This could just be what the Argos need, a great outdoor atmosphere that would be similar to Regina or Montreal. If the Argos get this stadium (still a big if) i WILL buy (or try to buy) season tickets.

And I was just thinking, man it would be hilarious hamilton fans would hate the Argos so much for stealing their stadium...would make labour day a riot

Buy tickets now, you can get blues for $161.00 a season.

Lots left, you can even sit next to UGO :lol:

You can sit beside me beside me on these conditions.....

  1. You can't scream ARRRRRRRRRRGOOOOOOOOs! when the Argos have the ball.
  2. You have to yell when the opponent has the ball.
  3. I don't want to hear any CFL sucks, NFL is way better, or these guys aren't real football players for anyone you bring.
  4. No getting up for a pi$$ or beer during the play.
  5. No Michael Bishop or Andre Rison jerseys.

if you can follow those simple rules would love to have you.

I would love to sit next to you Ugo, but Im a student right now and i have literally no money...i try to go to as many games as possible. #3 is the one thing i hate about going to argo games it pisses me off like you wont believe. For #5, i have a Joseph jersey which was purchased the day he was released... :oops:

You're better off though if you turn into a black and gold fan down the highway, trust me. :cowboy:

These are great rules and ought to be the foundation for ALL fans though obviously altered accordingly for sake of fans of other teams in other venues.

Also no talking on the cell phone during the game and no texting unless it is during a timeout or between quarters.

And worst of all, no calls to WAGs or you ought to just leave wearing a pair of pink panties (and for sure not for our eyes). It’s not like she does not know where you are after all geez. :roll:

Ive heard that before, trust me (aint happenin)

What about a Leon McQuay jersey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fumble in the rumble... ok, it's the Argo Bounce as we know now. :wink:

Earl, as a diehard Argo fan, I take no joy in regards to the events taking place with the stadium situation in Hamilton. If the stadium does end up at York, it will no doubt hurt Hamilton, thus hurting the CFL as well as the Argos in long run.

True enough gil. I’m just upset that things aren’t going smoothly here with the PanAms and stadium and it does upset me I’ll admit.

I love this post. Change the first one to represent any local team, and you can have this printed on t-shirts....

Before my time, heard of him though, RIP Leon.

Uh, I'll tell you this... if Hamilton loses this stadium, there will be no Argos-Ticats Labour Day game because there will be no Tiger Cats (because of a lack of stadium). They will be in Moncton or something.

As much as you don't see it now, the Argos-Ticats are a cherished CFL rivalry with a great history... to lose that would be a shame, and you would miss it. Be careful what you wish for...