Tiger Cats jerseys

Greetings Ti Cat fans,
My name is Bill and I live just outside of New York City. I am a big football fan. I love the CFL and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. Now dont get me wrong, Im no where close to the fans you all are but I really do hope to one day make it up there for my first live TiCats game..anyway, I want to find a jersey size 4xl I have an older blank one..but I would like to get a current jersey and not one of those cheap fake jerseys you see on the internet..If anyone has an idea and can help point me in the right direction..I would be forever greatfull. thanks again and Oskee Wee Wee!

New York TiCats fan!


thanks, i looked there unfortunately they are out of my size but thank you for your help..

The Ti-Cats store is only a couple blocks away from my place. I'll see if I can make inquires, but I'm fairly certain they stopped carrying 4XL. I seem to recall the last Alt jersey (The Yellow Ones) they ended up having some 20 odd 4XL Jerseys that no one bought, even at fire-sale prices.

that would be excellent if you could help me out..i would be forever greatfull...thanks again..