Tiger-Cats in the Olympics

Obviously a "tongue-in-cheek" article by a "ticats.ca" reporter, I think this is a brilliant, fun way to get the Olympics chatter going. :lol:

And hey, only a week today and the big show starts ! :stuck_out_tongue:

By: Matt Smellie

CFL players are incredible athletes. With news of Jesse Lumsden making the Canadian Bobsleigh team, here's an analysis of some Ticats players that could possibly make the jump to a winter sport at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Curling - Otis Floyd

The curling skip would generally lend itself to a quarterback in football, you're the most important player throwing the rock and screaming out instructions. But I'm going with middle linebacker Otis Floyd as the quintessential curling leader. You have to have big stones to curl and Otis has just that, he can plug the middle and who better to bring the hammer. Otis' oratory skills could give curling some swagger and his insightful verbal sparring with competitors may have Brad Gushue "gushueing" his pants.

Skeleton - Peter Dyakowski

Peter possesses vigor and enthusiasm that is unmatched. He is outgoing and one of the most likeable big men. Whether it's a community event, a football camp or sponsorship appearance, Peter dives head first into any project or event with gusto. A perfect fit for skeleton where travelling 130 km/h headfirst down the side of an ice chute is the norm. But unfortunately for the Vancouver native, there will be no homecoming in the skeleton. Each rider and sled has a maximum combined weight of 115 kg or roughly 253 pounds. Dyakowski, listed at 294 lbs, is 136 lbs heavier than the maximum rider weight. He could always enter himself as two riders.

Ice Dance - Ticats Defense

The Ticats' November 8th boat celebration in Winnipeg could arguably go down as one of the greatest football celebrations ever, and it happened twice! Throw in Lesley Stewart, a bit of tweaking, and a routine could be put on ice to easily satisfy the free dance portion of the competition. Only problem, there's two other dances required in the event and they're all completed by a couple consisting of a man and a woman. Looks like Disney on Ice may be the only option.

Snowboard Cross - DeAndra' Cobb

Cobb's underdog status and "cobbheaded" cult following is reminiscent of the '88 Olympic ski jumper, Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. Even though Eddie finished last in the 70 metre and 90 metre events, Cobb's biggest jumps have been up the Ticats depth chart. So ski jumping may be a bit of a stretch, hence the snowboard cross. Basically, you have to beat the other riders down the mountain through a series of jumps and berms. You see your line, pick your openings and bounce off other riders. Pretty similar to a running back's job description and with the temperatures in Whistler hovering around a balmy -6 degrees Celsius, you could bet Cobb would race with no gloves or sleeves.

Do you have a favourite Ticats player you think would be great at the Winter Olympics? Let's hear about it! Post your analysis of that player and the Winter Olympic sport they should enter in the comment box below.

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Wow.. they have quite the active mind.

I think that before they wrote that they must have smoked some crack. haha

I'd put Sandy Beveridge in the "skeleton" because he's spent 7 years laying really low, but working really hard and concentrating on his job well enough to be the longest serving Tiger-Cat on our roster right now. Laying low and keeping your head down might be the secret. :wink:

We had an Olympian he signed with Edmonton Last year...

I think Peter would make a Great Shot Putter..

Good riddens, for his pricetag he should be able to play more then 3 games a season.