Tiger Cats home page

Sorry if already posted.

Was on the home page today just kinda killing time and I noticed the old black and white picture of a stadium in the back ground. What stadium is this? Did Ivory Wynne used to look like this way back in the day (hard to imagine)or Is this the new stadium? If so I haven't seen this picture yet. I was under the impression that there wasn't going to be endzone seats..

I know it's just one angle but I Gotta say if that's what we're getting, that's awesome.

Yes, It's the new stadium, the endzone is if the temporary seats are in for event like Labour Day, Grey Cup, Etc.

I agreee, it looks pretty cool :rockin:

It's this pic


New stadium website here http://www.newstadiumnewexperience.com/

Cool. By some of the design pictures I seen it looked like the fans would be miles away.. This design looks like everyone is right on top of the feild. Even the top section. Can't wait to hear Argos suckling chant in this new gal.

Thanks, yah I've seen that one, so they just zoomed in on that corner.

Been awhile since I've looked at the new design.