Tiger-cats hats

Can anyone in the office tell me when I will be able
to purchase one of those "H" ball caps on-line?


Anyone else?

Your Best to Call the Ticats ..

My guess is.....

They are unveiling the 'heritage line' of merchandise at the game on Thursday, of which these hats are a part....so therefore, sometime after the game they will be available.

I've got a question for K.W.
I think it's fantastic that the team is launching the 'heritage line' of merchandise at the game on Thursday, however can someone from the Ticat Org. explain the rationale why we can't use the discount coupon that came with our seasons tickets at the stadium? This make no sense to me or many others that feel the same.
Please advise when you get a sec K.W.
....and Thanks as always.


you can get them at 1 Jarvis

wut kinda hats are they? flez fit? sized? anybody know?

Great post.
The Cats are trying to make this a "regional" team, and I for one do over 300K of round-trip driving to attend the games.
#1 Jarvis street isn't convenient to out-of towners....
Bob.....your organization needs to "think like a customer"

I will be picking one of those hats up Thursday at the game for sure.

I can understand the inconvenience with those coming from out of town who would like to purchase the new gear while using their discount.

From my understanding the reason being is that due to the nature of the discount (specific to season ticket holders) all sales must be accounted for through our point of sale system and also for tax purposes.

With that said, please feel free to contact me with any concerns and maybe we can work them out on an individual basis.

Thanks for the quick response Kevin.

A simple solution may be to use the "Tigertown store" to place web orders for pickup at the stadium

I.E. The season ticket holder places an order on the web, and enters their account i.d. as the "discount coupon" in the "Redeem a discount coupon" box
Pick-up at Ivor Wynne (or even #1 Jarvis) can be set-up as Delivery Methods (not just Canada Post)...the season ticket holder presents their coupon card , along with a barcoded web receipt (think ticketmaster) at point of delivery.....and it gets stapled to the audit copy of the transaction
The Ticats win on this because they can gauge the demand for merchandise and forecast their inventory
needs more accurately.
The fans win because they don't treck down to #1 Jarvis and find out their "size/style" is out of stock. (saves on postage too)
You can facilitate the process by supplying each season ticket holder with a web password, enabling them to log on to the Tigertown store site....where you have already "uploaded" their Profile details.
This also provides a security check against coupon code that was entered.

Sounds like a good idea...but also seems like a costly and alot of work. Might defeat the 50% off.