Tiger Cats given permission......

To talk to two Lion Free agents ahead of the Free agent deadline.

Ryan Thelwell and Nautyn Mckay-Loescher.

This was reported on the CKNW noon Sportscast. Wily old Wally is allowing both players to talk to the Ti-cats to test the free agency waters.

Nautyn Mckay-Loescher wants to play in his home Province. So he'll either be with the Argos or Ti-Cats come next week when Free Agency opens.

For Thelwell, its a test of his market value. Lions offered him $85,000 per year. Thelwell wants $100,000 or more. Wally told Thelwell, he can always re-sign for the $85,000, but gave him a chance to talk to the Ti-cats Early!

also sport, a pick-up feed from your sportscast is that Danny Barret is headed for Buffalo...is that correct :roll:

$100,000 a year? Hmmm, that's your goto receiver money, around that anyway. Not sure if Thelwell is this type of a receiver, I don't know??

thelwell can be if he is made the primary guy..i realy like thelwell

But does will he go over the middle and catch balls in crowds like a Stegall or Simon?

Earl: You heard right about Danny Barrett....Same Sportscast!

Thats why Wally only offered him $85,000.

Does any other team want to spend that much?

I liked Thelwell too, but there is a a couple kids hidden on the practice roster that might do just as well! (Calon & Boden)

thanx sport....i new you'd dig that one up...oh well i guess the Bombers will be seeking a new o.c.....again.....and by the way sport i didn't change my name to earl.. :lol: :lol:

What do you mean Sporstmen?

Just read paps post.

My Bad!

:oops: :oops: :oops:

I was thinking Earl on an ealier response.

Sorry Papa. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Sporty have you been drinking with dear old Dad! That happens to many when they prink with pappa. Earl put that on your list to do later. Get even with Sporty.

No ... but he is is still an excellent receiver ..... at wideout

Not sure how Buono is allowed to give ... 'special permission' to certain teams

Guess Braley has been giving him lessons LOL!

I like it 3rd down.

He gives Hamilton permission to talk to Thelwell. If Hamilton wants to pay the money, then, oh well, somebody new gets a chance. Thelwell goes to an Eastern Team. If Hamilton's offer is the same or lower, Wally left the door open for him to come back.

Don't start drinking until wine at dinner. :wink:

Exceptions are Grey Cup and Super Bowl parties, and hot afternoons in the summer! :wink:

I wish the Riders would go after Thelwell, but I don't think we can afford him unfortunately. He's an awesome Canadian receiver and would be a definite improvement on Grant.

I think Thelwell could probably get his 100K in FAs, which is why I dont understand why he would want to talk to ONLY one team before the deadline, or any team for that matter......Wallys so weird sometimes.

Good point.... but it seems unfair to other teams

If the Lions have allowed the Ticats to talk with these two players or their agents, it might be on condition that, if the Ticats reach an agreement in principle with one or both players, a trade will occur between the Lions and the Ticats (i.e. a roster player, draft choice, or negotiation list player) before the free agency period begins. This would probably be the only scenario that would not be unfair to the other CFL teams.

It's not weird on Wally's part. He obviously wants these two guys to end up with a team where they'll be least likely to come back to haunt him , so he's giving Hamilton a head start to sign them . Maybe unfair to other teams but Wally doesn't owe other teams any favours so no big deal . You know he's not going to help the Riders or Esks out if he can help it . It's a shrewd move IMO.

It puts a little pressure on the Ticats to pay these guys what they want before anyone else gets a crack at them also . This way he's done these two players a favour too.

Wally is just trying to butter up Marcel and see if he can suck him into giving up the first round draft for Jarious Jackson.
I don’t think any team interested (read Argos)would be shut out. There’s always a friend of a friend. :wink: