Tiger-Cats for first place in East Division?

I still think the Tiger-Cats will overhaul the Ottawa RedBlacks for first place in the East Division. Quite simply I think the Tiger-Cats are the better team.


Ottawa is going to beat Toronto, probably split with Hamilton, and could lose to Edmonton and Winnipeg, if those two get themselves together. Say 4 more points.

Hamilton should beat both Toronto and Montreal, and if they split with Ottawa, get 6 more points. So that leaves Hamilton and Ottawa tied at 20, with Ottawa getting first place on the tie breaker of 2 of 3 wins over the Cats.

If we can win out, and get help from Edmonton and Winnipeg (or even Toronto), we get first, but I won’t be betting my grocery money on it! However, “Hope springs eternal …”

Palmer’s scenario seems most likely, but I’ve given up trying to predict this team. Just when I think I’ve got them figured out they turn in an unexpected performance, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Anyone else think the first BC game is gonna be the one we look at as the one that cost us the East?

All things being equal, it’s a possiblity but how do you overcome the obvious Ottawa bias of the CFL?

You get the East final at home and show up like we did the other day. Going to be hard now that we have to sweep them (pretty much)

It may come down to that…nothing like taking the game out of the player’s hands…it would be the worst.

Cats responded the way needed to on Saturday. They’re the better team now. Cats should win out!

Yes, separation between scores leaning our way appears the only way but God be with you if it’s close… I do think it’s more than possible however… Probable? I’m no clairvoyant and the CFL is very unpredictable… Stay tuned. Should be a very interesting month…

We probably split with Ottawa, I could see a bunch of starters being rested vs. Montreal in preparation of the playoffs…so that could be a loss. Should be blue.

3-1 @ best

Not if 1st place is still on the line. :slight_smile:

We are 0-5 against teams that are above .500.
Best we’ll do is tie them and lose first place as they would’ve beaten us twice due to the upcoming split.
Ottawa can be beat by Als & Argos, but they usually have our number - kinda like stamps - must be the red-black colours of these teams.

We have control over our own destiny.

If We sweep the last 4 games, we host the East Final. 8)

We should start another thread entitled “Cat’s Will Win Out 2.0” since June Jones killed the 1st one. ;D

Simple really . No sweep of Ottawa = No 1rst place finish for us , and if we don’t get 1rst place ? Well I’m thinking that we can all look back to that boneheaded call from knucklehead Jones on the West coast for the reason for it .