Tiger Cats first overall draft pick

Tiger Cats first draft pick.

Are you asking when he's ready to play?

No I think he/she is asking who our first overall draft pick ever was.
Not sure.

Or maybe want kind of beer they drink to celebrate a win?

You guys are way off. This is a trivia thread.

Maybe the OP is suggesting that the Ti-Cats are destined for last overall, hence the first pick? :iunno:

What happened to the Tiger Cats first round draft Pick? Is he on the roster ?

Here's an idea... look at the roster.

But since you clearly need to be spoon-fed, he's injured.

Mark Chapman ? He's still weighing his options,


Tough crowd.

Wow that went from fun to nasty in a hurry.
Burt has been working thru a hamstring injury since early in training camp. Latest injury reports have him still limited in practice.

Is Burt still dating Loni Anderson?


It's possible that's how he got his hamstring injury.


He's been listed on the 1 game injured list for the past 4 games

First CFL draft was an experimental draft in 1952 .
11 games in 52 , 14 games in 53 . Picked 3rd in the first round

Maybe he was trying to get The Longest Yard.

You new here?

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Bill Berezowski....lol. Not even close. Ray Truant from Western was the first ever draft pick of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1953.


Thats why they call 'em Mighty.

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Crappy response. Let's be civil to fans that are just looking for information. Nobody knows it all...