Tiger-Cats Doughnuts are back !!

Tim Hortons Introduces CFL-Themed Doughnuts

Just in time for the return of the Canadian football season, Tim Hortons has announced plans to serve local team-themed football shaped Supreme Doughnuts in all eight Canadian Football League (CFL) cities and surrounding areas. The chocolate-dipped doughnuts sport edible team logos in one of eight CFL team designs, are filled with cream or jelly and are topped with white fondant in the form of football laces. “We’re thrilled to offer CFL fans another way to show team support and enjoy Tim Hortons at the same time,? said David McMullen, vice-president, Regional Marketing and National Promotions, while pointing out fans can start a new tradition by enjoying a special doughnut on game day.

Had one the day of the home opener. They are good. Much better than last year's. And FYI, I've been told at two different Timmies that the doughnuts will only be available on home game days.

I had one on home opener day too, but they didn't look like what the article describes. Mine had black, gold, and white sprinkles instead of being chocolate dipped. I thought it was better than last year's too. On my way back to Kingston, I stopped at the U. James and Stone Church Timmy's to see if I could get another, but they didn't have any, which is consistent with what they told Blogskee. Last year's sold out before the end of the season, so I wonder if they're selling them only on game days to make sure they have enough for the whole season this year. It could also create a bit more buzz on game day. If that's the only time people see them, then they know what they should be doing later on.

I had my first one of the season on Canada Day as well, but at Timmie’s #1 at Ottawa North and Dunsmure. An improvement over last year’s, I do admit, but can kinda do without the edible paper logo.

Did not care for them I like My Wallnut Crunch Better

They sure are back:

"0" and 1

"0" and 2


Have to admit, that's what I thought of when I first saw this topic. :frowning:

Creampuffs ?

Walnut Crunch over Boston Creme? You're ca-razy. :lol:

It'd be cool if each team had their own flavour...just a thought!

Riders - mint
Argos - blue raspberry
Stamps - cherry
Eskies - lemon
Cats - chocolate (or banana)
Lions - orange
Bombers - blueberry
Als - strawberry

(Patent pending!)

Sign me up for eight boxes when they come...and for the black licorice-flavoured ones they'll have for Ottawa!

How about Argo's flavoured.....Sewer Brown. Maybe make it out of all the floor droppings, and left over crap from other donuts.

Both together! About the only thing I like at McD's is the banana/chocolate pie. So tasty!

Banana doughnut with a chocolate top or a chocolate doughnut with a banana cream inside? Either is a possibility.

What I would like at least is a white doughnut with banana filling and a chocolate frosting on top. Essentially a boston creme with banana filling instead of bavarian.

Before the season started, there were those who believed that our "doughnuts" would be under the "L" column to start the season. That's a reason there is as much disappointment as there is now.

It may be appropriate for the Timmy's locations in the area of Toronto to serve lemon-flavoured ones. Even more appropriate, of course would be...


Lemon turnovers!

Anyway, if this year's doughnuts are better than last year's, I have to try them.