Tiger Cats' Dofasco visit

I had the opportunity to meet Coach Charlie Taafe, and a couple of new Cats at Dofasco Wednesday afternoon, as part of their Paint the town Black and Gold campaign. Nautyn McKay-Loescher, Rocky Butler, and Rob Hitchcock (as well as Coach Taafe and Ron Lancaster) made wonderful ambassadors of Tiger Cat football. I heard many comments about what nice guys the players were, and I was very impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the new players. They really seemed happy and eager for the opportunity to play in Black and Gold this year. Bring on the season!

I hope the New Dofasco of Arcelor/Mittal will still be involved with the community/ charity work etc, time will tell?

I sure hope they do as well, and being a Dofasco employee for 27 years I think we would look pretty bad if we dont !!!

there was articles in the spectator the past few days, about whats going on with dofasco and its new CEO etc etc....

and it looks like we as a community may need to look for other locals companies to support our team, other sponsorships, and the charities that dofasco donates to on a regular basis.

i wouldn't expect them to continue to be a community orienated company now that they are one part of the north american company. it's very sad to see, and not good for this city.
i can even see the dofasco workers forming a union now..which is sad because they never have had one because the company was run so great while others around them didn't survive.... :thdn:

can even see the dofasco workers forming a union now
Ya the Union really helped out Stelco and all of its employees...lol

I'm retired from Dofasco and Thank God! Now that the company has foreign ownership, all bets are off.
As a retiree, I'm hoping that the new owners don't mess with our benefits, unless of course, they want to improve them.

I'm not counting on Dofasco for anything any more, and I'd be surprized if they continued their support of our local football team.

I sure hope I'm wrong.