Tiger Cats didn't play as bad as the score

Statistically speaking, except for turnovers the tiger cats were the better team on labour day. Hamilton's net offence was 359 to Toronto's 293. The score didn't reflect the play of the game. If you saw the score was 40-6 but didn't see the game you would think it was a blow out, but the stats prove otherwise. My point is the tiger cats seemed to move the ball better, using Holmes, but they would turn it over just as they were about to score. If I were an Argo fan I wouldn't be impressed with 40 points when 24 was given to them. This game had too many turnovers. I saw improvement lets try and look at the positives and move on from there.

Yes you are correct that this score looked worse than it was and yes they played ok but bottom line is you cant make the turnovers they made and expect to stay in games.
I was there and even when it was close (for 3 quarters) I and many others could not get into the game because you could sence they still had no control of the ball or the game

Sorry folks but the score flattered the Cats even while they were close. At no time did I sense the Cats would rise up and take control of the game. It seemed like it was just a matter of time before the Argos got into gear and pulled away.

The Cats would've done a lot better had Maas not self-destructed so many times, thus killing potential drives. I've been a Maas supporter all year but it was evident to me that a change at QB is needed if only to give the other 11 guys some hope. If Maas hasn't lost confidence in himself, I think the other players have.

An Argo fan

I can see your points, guys.

There could be some confidence in Corey Holmes's running and the OLine blocking, that would make you wonder why Ranek is ranked ahead of Holmes at RB, much less where anyone in a coaching position was ignoring Corey in the gameplan for so long.

I can forgive the D, they had to be pretty dogged out, and they stuck with it nonetheless.

We kicked and punted pretty well, and were it not for Quinnie's unacceptable drop, I could at least "live" with Special Team performnce, even if it needs to be goosed up a good deal.

But the turnovers out of JM's hands are pretty much unforgiveable. Really bad throwing, and failure to hold onto the ball.

We have a serious QB problem, and nobody to coach him out of it, and Eakin is not getting the reps or the coaching, and QB #3 may as well not show up for practice.

New Head Coach next year, some re-examination of coaching and planning, please (like really PLEASE!!!)

I agree, and only a true football wise person would realise that.

Those turnovers cost us 24 points and snuffe dout drives that could of gave us those same points. Then the score would of been some thing like 30-16 for the Tiger-Cats.

why is it always the QBs fault on a pick? I think if you watch the film of the game at least 3 of the picks the receivers ran wrong routes, the coaches see it when they watch film the next day, thats probably why jason is still the QB.

and the little matter of the big cheques Jason Maas is cashing, too, pyfleener.

I know it's too much to ask for, but I wish that just once in a while we could hear from the players themselves what they think about what happened on the field. I'd bet anything that Jason Maas would agree that he's making mistakes. I think he's the kind of man who'd own up to things like that. And I agree with ronfromtigertown that it's a "matter of the big cheques" in how folks are looking at things. I also saw, like tigerkats did, that the Labour Day Classic was actually a pretty good game. There were a whole load of improvements. What I especially noticed were Radlein's moves. Wow - he looked like he had fun flying around out there - and he blocked really well. Sure... the score stunk. But some of those guys really made some improvements.

Our guys may not make it quite so easy on Toronto this weekend.


Here's a stat.

9 turnovers

So, in this regard, statistically speaking, we were horrible stats wise.

Good things from Last Game :

(1)Run Blocking Much Better again Coach Sal.
(2)Running game Was Great..

(2)Defence Played Well
(3) Special teams Where good

The Bad :stuck_out_tongue:assing game Stinks..

No doubt, you can not and will not win football games by giving the ball away. Especially when you are deep in the red zone.

Statistic are for losers, its the final score that matters.

Its got to get better.

Dumb coaching decisions,

Bad pass routes,

Too many fumbles

No offensive Line surge when needed. Like on third down, a problem plauging the cats for years.

No touchdowns.

the list could go on and on and on

Bam Kabibble I was at the game! Box E, Row 12, seats 17 and 18 (My dad went to) It was such a rip off. I paid like $70.00 each for those tickets..., aw well they're hopeless anyway, another season down the tubes, the best we can hope hope for is 8-10 and as if they're gonna best the lions, bombers and argos all consectuvitely, the only team we hav a prayer against is the eskimos, and atleat they can score touchdowns and execute plays on offence at 4-7


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