Tiger-Cats... Cursed?

I'm still a die hard fan. I still support the players on our beloved team. I'm still going to get pumped up every week when the Tabbies play.

Just one question...

Are we cursed?

Why can't this team win?

We've become the Detroit Lions of the CFL.

We always seem to find a way to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

Except this past week. At no point were our Tiger-Cats even close to victory.

McMaster would have done better against the Bombers.

But I leave this message with...


Still support you guys win or lose!

And on to Victory!!!

Remember those words.

cursed is the key word. Who placed the curse. I sure do know. it will be lifted, once justice is served. And it has not been served. Once there is change in the front office that time and only that time will the curse be lifted and onto victory

The Ti-Cats will remain cursed until they decide to embrace the Forbidden Chant.

The Forbidden Website Directors have tried time and time again to communicate this to the owner and senior management of the club.

The team fortunes took a turn for the worse the minute Bob declared that Argos $uck would no longer be embraced as the un-official cheer for the club.

Oddly enough, the paying fans are now yelling and screaming far more obscene language from their seats at Ivor Wynne.

Hmm, I'm pretty sure the curse started with the forbidden chant.

We've been trying to live it down ever since. Another decade or so without the forbidden chant and we should be able to do more than just fix the weather at Ivor Wynne.


I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, but hey if the shoe fits.
It is the curse of "Changing Too Many Things" thats it.

  At the top of my list is the "look" most defintaly the LOGO.  Think of it people, the first year of the "Young Brigade" was successful some would say even mystical.  Guess what we had the "Vintage Logo"  Here comes Season 2 guess what, they messed with the "look".  The scary white pants showed up, and look, we had a really bad year.  Now we come to Season 3 of the Young years.  And it's no better.  Coaching changes, disaray on the "football" side.  This is a team that on paper should have amuch better record.

Last night was all I could endure.
But think about it, Ruth left and look what happened there.

Just my humble opinion.
back into this team.

Who is this "we" you speak of?

Time has shown you to be the only one who has a substantial problem with the chant - notwithstanding the occasional sycophant whose understandable gratitude for still having a franchise would lead them to worship Baal if you said it was the thing to do.

The forbidden chant has pealed through 2 Grey Cup victories, 6 Cup appearances, numerous winning seasons, and many, many classic Labour Day victories. Your first anti-chant pronouncements coincided with a skid that included a Labour Day sister-kisser, a loss of home field playoff advantage, and 200 yards of penalties in an Eastern semi debacle. Your official ban of the chant was followed by 2005's multi-game losing skid that knocked the Cats out of playoff contention by the second month of the season. And your continuing harangues this year have paralleled the self-implosion of what should have been a Grey Cup contending team.

Ascertaining from whence the curse derived seems pretty clear to me. If this was a Law and Order episode, Sam Waterston would beg that crusty old DA to go to trial with clear-cut evidence such as this.

I believe he was using the “royal we”.

As soon as the team changed their logo bad things began to happen.
The team lost all tradition.
The traditional look of the uniforms was gone.
The football gods were not amused.
Hamilton's record since the change= 6-18.
I honestly don't think this is a coincidence.

Perfect !! Scary isn't it !!!

Those who live in the past get left behind.

I think our trouble started when the weather became so good. Our luck with good weather seems to have come from our winning luck. We've had great weather ever since that winning season. And we've had losing seasons. Coincidence? I think not!

Please..... no more White Pants! Try Black or Gold in Winnipeg! PLEASE! :smiley:

Here is my list why we are cursed

1-yes Argos s**k chant
2-new logo
3- new feild
4- nice weather for home games
5-new mascot(no offense Stripes)
6-general addmission in the enzone
7-new score boards (2 of them)
8-new uniforms
9-let Carl Coulter go
10-tents in the endzone(not open to the public)
11-no more cannon
12- painted the seats
Too many changes to fast, and yes we the people asked for some change but it has cursed us :twisted:
PS i do like the changes the Ticats have made but we need to do something to get rid of the curse, I feel like a Leaf fan

I agree.

The last season of both the chant being "officially endorsed" and the old logo the Ticats went 1-17, so it's hard to argue that the curse wasn't around before both those occurrences.

As an Argo fan I've noticed the chant around this year in Toronto more than ever. (Of course with other teams that "$uck") Is it coincidence that we're off to our worse start in a long time?

It's Karma!

Curse or Bad Football Decisions?

Tough question.


The cats bring in proven CFL quarterbacks Ralph Dieter Brock and Tom Clements. Who leads us to Grey Cup Glory?
Guys like Ken Hobart and Mike "Throw the Out" Kerrigan.


The cats bring in proven CFL quarterbacks Damon Allen and Matt Dunigan. Who leads us to Grey Cup Glory?
CFL all time interception leader Danny McManus.


The cats bring in proven CFL quarterback Jason Maas. Who leads us to Grey Cup Glory?
Hopefully, Maas does.

Talk amongst yourselves,

Will The Thrill