Tiger-Cats culture

Another fun intro thread for new fans.

We're called The Hammer. The Steel City. Our collars are blue and we love hard work.

You get what you earn, nothing is handed to you, here.

Fan favourtes tend to be the guys that you can see are always putting in their best effort. Currently, it's guys like Simoni Lawrence and Luke Tasker (son of former Buffalo Bill Steve Tasker)

From time to time you may hear "he brings his lunch box." It's a reference to the blue collar, hard working attitude.

Angelo Mosca is revered, here, as if he were a saint.

We love our defense!

Canadians all have a hockey mentality, in that an injury sustained needs to be bad enough to hospitalize for you to come off the field. (See former Phoenix Suns Steve Nash fixing his broken nose)

Oskee Wee Wee. Oskee Waa Waa. Holy Mackinac! Tigers, eat em raw!

Anyone care to add more?

Great post, and you didn't really leave much out in terms of the basics. Start with the basics, and then they can dig deeper if desired. Too many details can turn some away.

This is the most active forum in the CFL, with trolls and informed posters from other teams posting as well as us die hards. If you want to check out the other 8 teams click on the CFL Forums up in the Header bar. All teams have American players, maybe some you know.

Most importantly be advised that the Toronto team, 1 hour drive east of here is our ENEMY! What ever else happens our season is happiest when we trounce them. Never post anything here complementary about them. If you come to our games, no matter who the opposition is you will hear the chant "Argos suck" (much to Caretaker's chagrin he has not been able to cajole this out of us).


Kfan, Great use of the word "cajole"!

For all that I've been accused of trying to "ban" the use of that term - the team, it's history, and it's peccadillos all belong to the greater Tigertown community. So I'll continue to cajole, and our fans will continue to chant whatever they like. :wink:

Thank you caretaker, for understanding.... our history and tradition for the hatred for the team down the road.

That phrase is a little like alcohol, we say it when we win out of joy and we say it when we lose out of frustration.

It just makes some of us feel a little bit better..... momentarily. (No disrespect)

Are you Rod Black? Lol

Anyways good post!

Couldn't resist saying it. Plus, it's become Ti- Cats culture on it's own lol

steve milton?
26m26 minutes ago
June Jones says the #Ticats Tiger-Cats will have a national anthem policy for players in place before the team’s first exhibition game June 1. Players will be consulted. #CFL

I hope the policy is that all players are allowed to peacefully express themselves as they see fit.

I don't think you need a policy for that. :-\

WHATEVER policy they come up with, I'm offended. :wink:

I am very prepared to be disappointed.

Why don't they just say that players must follow the federal law around respect for the national anthem? (Hint: There is no such law in Canada.)

Seems like an odd thing to do?
Or are we playing the American anthem at games now?

Yeah I'm not really sure why the team would need to get involved in this issue. Unless a player told them he was planning on doing something during the Canadian anthem?

Milton retraction!

steve milton?
Mis-tweeted earlier today re "Policy" #Ticats would have on player conduct around national anthem. #CFL policy of freedom of expression in place; team, adheres to it. I didn't use "policy" in question so Jones wasn't responding to it as 'policy'. Doesn't deserve Twitter abuse.

steve milton?
Jones did say, however, he will talk to players before Toronto game about anthem. #CFL #Ticats

FYI, here is the #CFL policy of freedom of expression

Freedom of speech is one thing and the other is just plain disrespect for your employer , the fan and the anthem .

Let the player have freedom of speech then and don't release them because they say something not popular on Their Own Time .

The other is part of the ceremony of opening the game on company time if you don't want to take part fine but leave that in the locker room where it belongs .

Peaceful demonstration could be a standing with your one finger in the air or just about anything .

I like June Jones but don't bring that crap north .

Not even sure why the Cats are bringing it up . Canadian anthem ?

Is there Canadian's demonstrating against the Canadian QB not counting against the quota ? What gives ?

The American players are protesting America not Canada. If they have a problem with our anthem and country they shouldn't be here.

So the announcer at the game should stop telling fans (paying customers ) to stand for the anthem then as it doesn't apply to their employees .

Such hypocrisy .