Tiger-Cats, Condell agree to mutually part ways

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday that the club and assistant head coach and offensive coordinator Tommy Condell have mutually agreed to part ways. Senior Assistant Coach Scott Milanovich will take over the club’s play calling duties.

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A surprise or not

No surprise to anyone who listens to The 5th Quarter on CHML after TiCat games. Callers to the show are almost unanimous in saying Connell should go (even though it’s not his fault Mitchell and Shiltz are out with injuries).

Good riddance…

Maybe he will end up in Edmonton they need lots of help

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wasn’t he one of the reasons BLM signed there?

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He definitely was. There’s video out there (somewhere) where he states as much, but it’s also confirmed in the article below:

When Hamilton acquired Mitchell’s rights, the quarterback publicly stated he wanted to hit free agency and test the waters. But Mitchell said that was before knowing the status of Steinauer as well as Tommy Condell and Mark Washington, Hamilton’s offensive and defensive co-ordinators, respectively.
“I wanted to make sure the coaching staff was going to be intact,” Mitchell said. “I think that gives us the best opportunity to win.

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Hamilton’s woes run much deeper than only Tommy Condell.

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True. But BLM,in his limited time with Condell’s offence, didnt work out very well either.

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This is just a sign of how badly this team has performed all year, and even into last year. I was never a fan of Condell, but I do recognize that he alone is not to blame. I hope this development is enough to kick-start the team for a better last half of the season. Being in the basement is not what Hamilton fans want nor are they used to - onward and upward from now until the Eastern Final of 2023!!! Oskee-wee-wee!

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I am concerned with the elevation of Scott Milanovich, but only because he was here in Indy with the Dolts the past two disastrous seasons. Hope he works out well calling the plays in the Hammer, and that Matt Schiltz gets well soon. I was never a fan of Mr. Interception (BLM), but hope he heals soon as well. Oskee Wee Wee!

Always a tearful goodbye when someone leaves the organization wish you well now get your ass out of here