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Four games into the season, the Tiger-Cats fired their Greg Marshall and replaced him with an interim coach Lancaster who did not want to stay bench boss beyond this season. Now the season is a memory and the other teams have filled in their coaching vacancies and are working on signing players on the roster and scouting for new players. Hamilton, on the other hand, is still looking for a head coach who will need to hire his own asst. coaches etc etc. I don't know what anyone else thinks but Hamilton is already falling behind. All I can see is another disasterous season. Hope I am wrong.


Well Austin wasnt currently with a team so they could talk to him where as the coaches the ticats are looking for are current coaches and had to wait until the season was over. Plus, we have a GM in place and scouts that would be looking for players…the coaching staff doesnt do that.

Point well taken … it sounds to me like good ole’ Charlie T is USING the Tiger Cats as some kind of BARGAINING CHIP with U.S Schools … or VICE VERSA … either way it would be SETTLING to Tiger Cat Nation if Marcel D got his ACT TOGETHER, already !! and made a DECISION.

My first hand knowledge of Charlie Taaffe is MINIMAL … I hope the guy is as good as some of his CHEERLEADERS around this site say … 'cuz it does not seem like he will come CHEAP.


"There is some speculation that Taaffe might be a candidate for the vacant North Carolina State head coaching post." Ken Peters

I dont know where he gets all of this stuff seeing how NC State has a new coach.

I'm starting to get an uneasy feeling the longer this "waiting to meet with Taafe" goes on. I can't help but wonder if in the end the Cats will end up missing out on Taafe and have to "settle" for someone else.

Git' er done!

By all indications, it'll get done soon whether it's Taaffe or not.

Relax, Marcel's on the ball. He's got a timeline. We're not "falling behind". (We're already at the very back :wink: )

"whoknows" Do you have information to substantiate the fact that North Carolina already has a head coach? Are you certain his term in office hasn't come to an end there? What's your basis for your statement?

If indeed, Taaffe is actually playing the Cats like a fiddle, to get more money, I'd like to see the team make a play for Winnipeg's Greg Marshall or BC's Chapdelaine. I'd like to see Marshall as HC and Chapdelaine as OC.

The benefits of having these guys in control here would be that they are current members of the CFL, whereas, Taafe has been out of the Canadian picture for some time now.
Marshall and Chapdelaine also have proven success records.

Finally, from the recent photos I've seen of Taaffe with obesity written all over him, he looks like a walking advertisement for a heart attack. He may end up being another Don Mathews.

I wouldn't give this guy another week before I use thetion move suggested above.

Time is running out and the Tabbies are stalemated until they have a head coach. We haven't got time to play games!

Rockey123..in defence of whoknows...

[url=http://www.capecodonline.com/cctimes/sports/bccoach8.htm]http://www.capecodonline.com/cctimes/sp ... coach8.htm[/url]

and Ken Peters....here's a link for you!


Learn how to do some quick research dude!

re meanstreak-My first hand knowledge of Charlie Taaffe is MINIMAL … I hope the guy is as good as some of his CHEERLEADERS around this site say … 'cuz it does not seem like he will come CHEAP.

Seems to be that taaffe,s claim to fame is being an assistant to Don Mathews?

Thanks baffled

I also heard www.espn.com is a good website for sports info...lol

Hey Massdestruction...what the heck are you talking aboout?? Matthews came in as HC AFTER Taaffe left Montreal. Taaffe was the coach of the year for the Al's 2 years in a row where he was also the O.C. AND Quarteback coach. As well, he used he used Pringle a lot and spread out his offence. He has a lot of experience in the US college system and with his CFL background whould be a HUGE upgrade on what we've had. He is a PROVEN coach! I am not a cheerleader, just an informed fan!

Just Bring in Dave Richie and get it over with!

Hey, I know everyone is anxious for something to happen but imagine the decision to uproot your life and spend a great deal of time away from your family. Let's give Taaffe and the team until Marcel's deadline before we start coming up with our own 2nd choices.

Richie is my FIRST choice! :rockin:

I know I should just relax, but this is starting to look a bit like another of those "only in Hamilton" mini-fiascos we're becoming accustomed to.

Some GMs would interview some guys in private, make an offer to the preferred guy (or the next guy, or next guy, until you sign a guy), and then announce a signing at a press conference.

Our GM tells the media from day that he wants one guy, but that he may talk to a few other guys while he waits for his guy to decide, then we all get to sit back and listen to excuses why the only real candidate hasn't signed yet.

No doubt lots of GMs don't get their first choice, or at least right away, but I'd rather not know that the only guy our GM is seriously considering might not want to coach in the CFL again. Do Cats management really have to do so much of their management through the Hamilton Spectator?

(baffled-in-boxB) Rockey123..in defence of whoknows... http://www.capecodonline.com/cctimes/sp ... coach8.htm

Hey there, baffled. (I think you come by your handle honestly)
I read the article you posted and nowhere is Charlie Taaffe mentioned.

Rocky - why would be mentioned in an article about another guy signing to coach there.

You asked for proof of a statement made by a poster..another poster provides said proof, and you say that it isn't about Taaffe. Your asking for proof wasnt about Taaffe either. Talk about baffled...

Forget Taffe........he's taking too long. Bring in Greg Marshall! He's current, his players respond to him, and I think he'd make a great addition to the organization!

re-baffled-in-boxb- Thanks, for the info on Taaffe.