Tiger-Cats close to signing Stevie Baggs



The pass rush of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats could get a whole lot better soon.

A source tells TSN the Tiger-Cats are close to signing defensive end Stevie Baggs to a contract.

Last season, Baggs finished tied for the league lead in quarterback sacks with 12 while playing with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

After the season, Baggs signed with the NFL's Arizona Cardinals but was recently released and became a free agent after being waived through the league.

A lot of rider fans were convinced that he'd be retruning to Regina. In he even said he would love to be back.
But as we saw with the whole Ricky Foley situation, until anything is a done deal don't plan anything!

I'm sure if Baggs goes to Hamilton it's because they offered more money.

Darn. I was hoping Edmonton would snag him. Guess he didn't wanna play for a 2-8 team. Can't say I blame him... :lol:

Realistically I don't think a lot of RIder fans thought he would return, he pretty much openly stated he'd go to the highest bidder. I think a few people were optimistic that he would return, but most predictions in the off season when he went down south were that he wasn't going to be back.

Solid signing by the Cats.

Well, better Hamilton than any other Western team, Especially Edmonton..

Sportsnet has reported the signing of Baggs to Hamilton is Imminent.. basically it's a done deal.

Too bad the Alouettes couldn't snag him....

From Ticat Beat Reporter Drew Edwards
Thursday morning #Ticats reading

Got a few more emails on the Stevie Baggs signing last night: I'm pretty sure it's a done deal. I'll be interested to see if they announce him today and whether he plays against B.C. on Saturday.

Arash Madani is reporting that the Ticats and the Riders both offered a salary in the $5,000 a game range but that Hamilton offered a $50,000 signing bonus and that Saskatchewan offered $25,000. He also says that Montreal was interested as well. If those figures are accurate - and Arash's rep is rock solid - then I would suspect that Baggs will play this week, just so the Ticats get full value for their money.
[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/09/thursday-morning-ticats-reading.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ading.html[/url]

Looks like the Ticats are strengthening their line-up with some good recent signings.

3 years 400,000 is the rumour.

$400,000? That can't be right. No way should he be making the same as guys like RR and AC. :? What is with Hamilton overpaying for guys...? :expressionless:

Edit: Wait, is that $400,000 over the 3 years, or $400,000 per year?

No way thats $400k for one year, maybe $125k per year

I read it as $400,000 over the three years, does that include the $50,000 signing bonus I have read about in the article above i think it was?

It really can't be $400,000 per year. $133,000 sounds more reasonable.